Saturday 10th. March, 2014 – A fairly decadent day 

This is the Anglican Parish Church in Berwick to which Mum, Cathy and I came this evening to listen to Rachel singing with the Berwick Arts Choir. The Choir presented the Chichester Psalms and the Dorchester Canticles in a programme which also included Mozart, Bruckner, Grieg and Faure before concentrating in the second half on the music of Leonard Bernstein. We enjoyed our evening very much indeed

A real lazy day began with coffee in bed (brought by Rachel) and a gentle getting up around eleven.

I showered, walked Mix and read my book before setting off in the middle of the afternoon to collect Cathy who arrived in Berwick having caught a bus from Balloch. Back home we chatted and then dined with Rachel (who had been at a choir dress rehearsal), Mum, Olive and Digger as well as their friends Peter and Veronica.

Mum and Cathy outside the Parish Church at Berwick

Having dined we went our separate ways – Rachel, Mum, Cathy and I to the Parish Church at Berwick to listen to Rachel’s concert; Olive, Digger, Peter and Veronica to Berwick to the Maltings to a one man show called ‘Tea with the Old Queen’ which wasn’t particularly well attended but which they enjoyed (they were also quite taken with the bar)!

Rachel arriving at the Church to sing

A picture of the Choir just after the conductor left for the interval

Back home we discovered that our front door had broken and we had to employ no little force to gain entry to the house (so it really is quite secure). We had coffee with Mum and Cathy, walked the dogs and retired for the night leaving the rest playing a board game in the farm house.


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