Friday 9th. May, 2014 -- Lovely here but rain in Aberdeen 

I’ve been waiting for these for a while but today they arrived. They are swallow nests and I will fit them up under the eaves of some of our buildings so that our swallows can find new homes to compensate them for the barns now being off-limits. They certainly look very comfortable

I woke, got up and walked Mix and then breakfasted in the farmhouse before wandering across to the summer house with Mix. Shortly afterwards Tom and Dorothy with their Border Collie, Spike, arrived. Spike played happily with Rowan in the garden while Tom and I discussed plans for the conversion of the bothy. Then we went across to the farmhouse where we all had coffee with Mum before having a look around the Stables (which we plan to have completed by next Wednesday).

I had a pizza for lunch (Rachel had been to Duns to have her hair cut and was then in Berwick collecting her glass tools which she had left at her class yesterday). I had intended to watch Scotland against England at cricket from Aberdeen but it rained. It rained so much that I anticipated that the game would be called off, but no, we got a start at 4 p.m. with the game eventually reduced to just twenty overs a side. England scored 167 (increased by Duckworth Lewis to 172) and Scotland were never really in the hunt reaching 133 for 9 wickets off their twenty overs. Before the game started Mix and I had a very pleasant walk in glorious sunshine. It was a bit of an odd kind of day, sunshine one moment and then rather dull for a while before the sun returned, but it was extremely warm in the summer house.

One our return from our afternoon walk I snapped this Lilac bush – I don’t think we knew there was Lilac in the garden until a few days ago and Mix certainly seems to appreciate it

On returning from Berwick, Rachel did a bit more painting in the stables:

We will all be joining in on Monday to get everything completed

Digger got Olive out to help him survey the final settings for his dome. Heidi, although with them, seemed rather less interested in the survey than in the rest of the allotment area

At seven we all met up in the farmhouse for our evening meal after which we relaxed in the Granary (watching a recent Lewis) before walking the dogs and retiring to bed. The evenings are stretching out and now that it is getting warmer we will be able to do more outdoor activities in the evenings.


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