Thursday 8th. May, 2014 We all go our separate ways 

Yesterday as I returned with Mix in the afternoon I took some pictures of flowers in the garden, today as I approached Mount Pleasant I snapped this bush which overhangs the fence. It is in full bloom and absolutely beautiful

Today was a day in which we all went our different ways. I had appointments this morning which prevented me from going to Arrochar as I would have like to have done. Mum set off for Edinburgh, taken by Rachel as far as Berwick and seen on to the train. Rachel went on to her stained glass day at Berwick, returning home about four-thirty in the afternoon. By this time Mum had completed her lunch at Edinburgh College and her tour of the former Royal Yacht Britannia and was waiting in vain for her sister and niece-in-law to pick her up and drive her to the station (they were both waiting for each other in different places .. now if they had each had the other’s mobile phone number there would have been no problem). In fact no harm was done as Mum got a taxi to the station and I met her at Berwick and brought her home. (She has had a busy time – yesterday morning her book group, yesterday evening a trip to Berwick for a meal with the Guild, today a trip to Edinburgh for lunch and a trip around the Royal Yacht with friends from Kirkcaldy.)

Digger spent some of the day in his allotment where he was delighted to see that the concrete he had poured yesterday was setting nicely. The picture below reveals the bolts onto which the dome will be attached sometime next week.

Olive too had an appointment with the garden. Digger has assembled a cold frame for her into which today she planted out some basil plants. She has instructed Digger to get a move on with his tomatoes and then we can look forward to some excellent soups.

Olive points out the cold frame (by now the sun has disappeared and the rain has come on)

Rachel when she returned brought with her two of her newly completed works of art which I have snapped and present below:

I think that they are rather beautiful

In between times I looked after the dogs, sorted out the spare room in the Granary, and worked through my finances thinking the while of everyone at Stella’s funeral and feeling for the first time that I really did miss not being the minister there today.

Later this afternoon Tom arrived and we discussed the next part of the project which is to re-roof the former bothy. Tomorrow we may purchase the wood and that will be another project underway.

I walked Mix, drove into Berwick to collect Mum, dined in the farmhouse and then spent the evening with both dogs in the summer house as Rachel had gone back to Berwick to take part in her final Thursday singing evening before the concert on Saturday evening.

Later on I walked Mix and went to bed. It seemed somehow appropriate that it was raining.


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