Wednesday 7th. May, 2014 – A beautiful day .. until the rains came 

Late this afternoon I went into Duns to post some letters which I hope will be delivered tomorrow. I paused by the post box and took this picture – the little square is really quite attractive

I rose and walked Mix and then breakfasted in the farmhouse. Tom texted me to say that he was going to complete the work on the shed at Clair’s house so I got in the car and drove across to help. We spent the whole of the morning manoeuvring the old shed into its new position and completing the construction of the new one but once it was done it looked really good.

Back home I set about working in the summer house with Mix and Rowan as my companions because Rachel was continuing with her painting in the Stables. I completed a number of important letters and prepared all of the music files for Arrochar for Sunday. Then I drove into Duns to post my letters and returned in time to take Mix for another walk (while Rachel did the same – in a different direction – with Rowan: it’s not that they, or we, were not speaking but rather that Rowan is not good at walking on the road, while Mix is quite good).

The sun was shining and the day was beautiful. On my return to Mount Pleasant I took some pictures of the flowers which have sprung into life:

Where just a week or two ago there were so many daffodils, now these lovely two-coloured tulips have appeared

This is the blossom on the apple tree given to us by the youngsters of Luss Sunday School

Nestling against the walls of the farmhouse are these bluebells

... and against the wall of one of the barns are these glorious all-red tulips

Rachel had spent the day painting. The walls are coming on and it is going to be a splendid weaving room in just a few days

Meanwhile, Mum had been at her Duns Reading Group, Digger had concreted in the bases for his soon-to-be-appearing dome, and Olive had had a leisurely day. In the evening Mum set off for a Duns Guild Outing to Berwick, so there were just the four of us for supper.

After supper Rachel and I tried to sort out our diaries so that we could take advantage of an opportunity to go to visit the Globe Theatre in London (it is a hard life being retired) and then we watched a fairly new episode of Midsomer Murders before I walked Mix and retired to bed. By now it was raining and the forecast is not great for the next few days ... but today has been good (and while I have been in the summer house I have been able to watch Durham against Yorkshire on my computer. It was a hard-fought game with Durham hanging on for a draw in the face of some really hostile fast bowling from Liam Plunkett who, until a couple of seasons ago, was himself a Durham player).


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