Friday 2nd. May, 2014 – Still working on that floor 

Taken on Mix and my walk late this afternoon – the sun was shining brightly and the fields are taking on their different colours. It is very beautiful

I got up, walked Mix, breakfasted in the farmhouse and then came and looked through some emails until Tom arrived. Our task was to complete the work on the floor in the barn. In fact we didn’t get the work completed but it wasn’t for the lack of trying. The floor is now complete but a bit of the ramp remains to be finished on Monday (and there is still a bit of beading to be done around the perimeter).

By the time that Tom went home, after five this afternoon, the back of the job had been broken and it will be a gentle task on Monday to put the finishing touches to what has been a major exercise for us.

A picture of Rachel admiring the floor in what is going to be her loom room. Once we complete our tasks the loom will be erected and then the walls will be painted. At that stage we’ll have a party and move on to the next project – we have several: there is plaster-boarding to be completed in the Hen House, a new roof to be installed on the bothy, shingles to be fitted to the summer house and ... well that’s enough to be going on with for just now

The dogs think that the new ramp is great for playing on

I walked Mix in the late afternoon sun – what a lovely day it has turned out to be. When I got back to the Granary I took this picture of the blossom on the tree given to us by the Sunday School children from Luss. It is blooming and extremely healthy:

Afterwards we had an early supper because Mum was going with friends to the hall in Duns to see a film – Philomena I think that it was. Rachel and I spent the evening in the Granary watching an episode of an Inspector De Luca mystery set in Bologna in 1945. It was good and, as I expect that I have said before, the Italian is so straightforward after the Sicilian of Montalbano (which I also love).

It was still light at 10 p.m. when Mix and I set out for our final walk of the day.


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