Thursday 1st. May, 2014 --- Happy Birthday Mix 

Mix arrived with us when he was about eight and a half years old, having spent eight and a half months in the Dog’s Trust home near Glasgow and almost eight years in unhappy surroundings. Absolutely wild, no longer housetrained and distinctly neurotic when he arrived, he has turned into the ‘best friend kind-of-a-dog’ you could only dream about. Today, according to the papers we got from the Dog’s Trust, he is ten years old and his favourite place in the whole world is the summer house

Walked Mix – it was a very wet morning (in reality it was a very wet day) – and then breakfasted in the farmhouse before adjourning to the summer house with Mix and Rowan. Tom was not with us today as he and Dorothy were away south performing their Morris Dancing to celebrate May Day. I took the opportunity of catching up on some reading (and took delivery of our awaited wood from Pearsons). Rachel was away in Berwick at her stained glass class (which is why I had Rowan as well). So, safe from the rain, cosy in the summer house, I read and Mix dozed on his huge cushion. I had lots of treats for the dogs today and when Rachel returned she brought more.

When Rachel returned, we walked the dogs and then got ready to set off for Berwick where we went to see King Lear at the Maltings. Mix spent the evening with Olive and Digger – he likes that.

King Lear was superb – well, it was the National Theatre after all: one of these wonderful live streaming performances which made you feel as if you were there in London for the performance. The cast was magnificent. Simon Russell Beale as King Lear with Stanley Townsend (of the magnificent voice), Tom Brooke, Adrian Scarborough, Anna Maxwell Martin, Sam Troughton, Stephen Boxer and so many others. It was powerful and believable and the sets, lighting and sound effects were wondrous to behold. I loved it.

I walked Mix before bed. Here are the remainder of his birthday photographs:

Excuse me yawning, but it is very comfortable in front of this stove

Well, I'm getting on a bit and I do like this cushion

It's very comfortable -- even upside down

Now what are you up to? -- I'm watching you, you know

I think that this is probably my better side

I'll maybe just go to sleep ....

like my little sister who gets to share my cushion too


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