Wednesday 30th. April, 2014 – A change in the weather 

Every evening everyone who is here eats together in the farmhouse. It keeps us all together and means that we all meet together at least once a day. We all do our own thing at lunch time. I normally eat in the summer house watching the news or a programme from i-player on my computer. This was my lunch today, a real Italian antipasto. Before I retired I rarely ate lunch, no wonder I am putting on weight

Rose, walked Mix, breakfasted in the farmhouse and, when Tom arrived, we went off to Pearsons to see about some more wood and some plumbing supplies. The wood will be delivered as soon as it arrives in the shop but until it does we are at a bit of a loose end. We went off to complete the work on the little hut we started on yesterday. Clare has decided that what she had is actually more suited for its use (for the dog as an attachment to the dog pound) than the new hut which will be perfect for logs, so we set about repairing it and then broke for coffee and a chat.

I dropped off Tom at his house and came home for lunch – Rachel was hard at work in the loom room, Digger and Olive were off to a craft show, Mum was in Duns with a friend – I had a splendid plate of antipasto in the summer house with Mix and watched the most recent episode of ‘Have I got News for You’.

Tom arrived and we returned to Clare’s home where we completed the repair of the old hut and treated it with wood preserver. The rain finally defeated us and we will complete things soon. The weather has been a bit odd. Yesterday we had fog which gave way to bright sunshine. Today we had fog which gave way to torrential rain. Ah, well. Rachel and I walked Mix and Rowan in rain which started off fairly gentle and turned into a downpour. I needed a shower before supper after which we watched some more of ‘The Killing’. We had intended to watch three episodes and leave the final one for Friday evening but it was just too exciting and we watched right to the end, completing our vigil at twenty past midnight. It has been an excellent series and kept me enthralled right to the end.

Walked Mix (on what is now his tenth birthday) in truly atrocious weather. Maybe it will be better in the morning.


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