Tuesday 29th. April, 2014 -- On Holiday! 

Rachel worked today in the barn teak-oiling her spinning and weaving equipment prior to it being re-erected

Woke and walked Mix up the Swinton Road – my goodness, it was nostalgic as it was something I have rarely done since the road was closed but which I used to do every day before then. Several cars gave me great big waves as if to say, ‘Where have you been?’ The weather today was fascinating. We started in fog and we ended the day that way as well, but in between the sun shone and it was glorious.

No work today because we don’t get the wood from Pearsons until tomorrow and I can’t move things out of the Hen House because there is nowhere to put them until the loom room is completed and a space created in the carriage room by moving boxes to the loom room (if that all makes sense). So I enjoyed some time in the summer house reading, listening to music, preparing the music for Arrochar and so on. I read some of Williston Walker’s History of the Christian Church (about John Duns Scotus, about the rule of Benedict and about the church of Bede) and I read some of the Benedictine Book of Daily Prayer. I stopped for lunch and during lunch I watched the final episode of Rev (which must have been on television last night).

In the afternoon Tom called me up and I went off to help him erect a small garden hut for a lady who lives nearby. We did the first part of the work – we need to know a bit more information about where it is to go before we complete the task -- and perhaps we will get that done tomorrow.

Today Olive was up in Dundee (something to do with marking students’ examinations), Mum went to have her hair done in Duns, Rachel spent the day in the loom room (except when driving Mum to and from Duns), Digger was cutting the grass and working on his dome. The farmer was working in the field next to Mount Pleasant with a large tractor and a device which I think was spraying the crop. Mix and I relaxed – later in the afternoon we joined Rachel and Rowan for a walk through the jungle path and then into the woods opposite.

The farmer was busy here today as well. This huge device appeared to be spraying the crop so presumably we can look forward to a bumper harvest. The picture was taken late in the day and the fog is returning

We dined at seven and then relaxed in front of the television watching the final part of Endeavour and then the Easter Monday programme about the life of Tommy Cooper before walking the dogs and bed.


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