Monday 28th. April, 2014 – The Bridge re-opens 

In the middle of this afternoon the bridge over the River Blackadder re-opened after being closed for reconstruction work for eight weeks and one day. For the next little while there will be traffic lights controlling the bridge while other necessary tasks are completed

Woke, walked Mix down to the bridge for the last time before the road re-opened. Breakfasted in the farmhouse and when Tom arrived we moved the loom into the new loom room so that it can be re-erected and be in operation again. It was a heavy job and once it was completed we were extremely glad to sit and have a coffee together in the Granary.

Digger continues to work on his dome

All the bits of the loom set out on the new floor (which we will complete on Wednesday when more wood arrives)

Tom went off with Dorothy, I had some lunch in the summer house and spent part of the afternoon reading and listening to music before walking Mix again. By now the road had reopened and so we walked down by the roadside but came back up through the woods. Rachel joined us and Mix and Rowan clearly enjoyed being back in the jungle!

Rowan leads Rachel through the woods

As Rachel was working in the sitting room and was watching a television programme I hadn’t seen but wanted to see from the start, I came out to the summer house for a while before supper.

In the evening we watched three more episodes of The Killing (that’s sixteen in all and only four more to go). It continues to hold all of our attention. It is quite extraordinary.


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