Sunday 27th. April, 2014 -- Sunday and back to normality 

It wasn't the nicest of days as far as weather goes, so Mum spent the afternoon in her garden room, reading, in front of the stove

After all of the excitements of the past few weeks (just last Sunday it was Easter) today everything is back to normal. Our service was in Gavinton Church so I walked Mix, had breakfast, and went with Mum and Rachel to Gavinton (driving the long way around by Fogo for the last time because the bridge is certain to open within the next couple of days).

The service was on the theme of the Emaus Road and ended with Ann inviting everyone to select one or more of three pieces of wool to mark commitments which we intended to made – to welcome a stranger, to comfort a sufferer, to share the Good News. After the service Dorothy and Rachel served tea and coffee (because Andrea was having a sleep-in after her exertions in preparing all of the food for the Greek Night last night) and I helped to wash the dishes.

Now that she has retired, Olive is swapping her accountant's study for the kitchen

Back home we dined in the farmhouse – vegetable soup and macaroni cheese and then retired to the Granary. I watched an episode of the Murdoch Mysteries in front of the fire and I guess I dozed off for most of the rest of the afternoon (well, why not)? I fed the dogs and gave them some exercise while Rachel went off to Berwick to Evensong. On her return Rachel, Olive, Mum and I watched another three episodes of The Killing – we have now watched thirteen episodes in all and feel that we have grown up with the characters, that some are our close friends and others, people to be avoided. Still, I suspect that the end is in sight! (And maybe we will discover that one of our friends is the guilty one.)

The bridge over the River Blackadder is almost complete. The road needs some repair work but I expect the bridge to be open by Tuesday at the latest

Walked Mix and went to bed. If this is retirement, I like it!


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