Saturday 26th. April, 2014 -- A Saturday relaxing 

The little former church dedicated to St. Aiden at Morebattle, now being restored as a holy space and a coffee shop

Up, walked Mix and breakfasted in the farmhouse before setting off with Rachel (and Rowan) to pick up Tom and Dorothy to drive to Morebattle, near Kelso. Two of the folk I met on Thursday, Margaret and Richard, have bought an old disused Church there (St. Aiden’s) because it is on the St. Cuthbert’s Way and they could see the potential of using it both to further their ministries (Richard is a Danish minister and his wife is presently completing her training) and as a service to pilgrims through creating a coffee shop and providing an outlet for local craft businesses.

We saw around the Church – they have done a huge amount, including putting on a new roof, and they have their hands full with all that still remains but they are getting the support of their local community. We popped in at a coffee morning in the village hall being run to support their work. It was absolutely full and there were many different craft stalls on show.

The coffee shop in Kelso

We set off for home and called in at Kelso where I had not just the coffee I intended but scrambled egg on toast. It was excellent. From there we went on to Hume Castle – or at least the ruins of the castle, set on a little hill. Others were there at the same time and it is obviously a bit of a tourist attraction.

The view of Hume Castle from the car park

From the viewing platform inside the castle I looked down on all around (including Rachel getting Rowan organised)

We dropped Tom and Dorothy off and came home. I set about preparing an Order of Service for next Sunday so that I could pass it on to Ann before tomorrow. Rachel varnished the new floor in the barn. Digger was working on the panels for his dome, Mum went off to the WRI with her friend Annie, and Olive worked on her final set of accounts.

Rachel varnished the new floor in the barn

Digger was hard at work on the panels for his dome

Later I had time to so some reading before walking Mix, changing and setting off for a meal with Tom and Dorothy. We ended up at an event in Gavinton – a Greek meal in the village hall. Tom had been contacted by Andrea who was looking for some additional folk to make up the numbers and we went along. It was really good and we had an excellent time and met Catherine and Jenny with whom we shared a table.

Enjoying Greek food, under a Greek flag, with good company (and a quiz about Greece to answer)

Back home we walked the dogs before bed. Every day just seems to be better than the day before it ... and tomorrow is Sunday.


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