Friday 25th. April, 2014 -- To market, to work and to Berwick 

A picture of the crowd beginning to gather at the Kelso racecourse for the auction sale today. We visited briefly, but seeing nothing which took our fancy, we were soon on our way

Up and walked Mix before breakfast at the farmhouse during which Tom arrived to take me to the auction sale at Kelso Racecourse. There we met up with Dorothy, Catriona and Martin.

We looked around, enjoyed an excellent roll filled with sausages and then came home – there really wasn’t very much to buy and certainly nothing of which we were in need. Tom and I came back to Mount Pleasant where we continued work on flooring the barn, stopping for a brief lunch with Rachel at 1.30. By the middle of the afternoon we had done as much as we could. Not only we but also Pearson (our supplier) had run out of flooring. Our initial order still hasn’t been completed but Pearson’s say that we will have all of our order by next Wednesday. We will just have to be patient (a bit easier now we are retired).

Tom uses up the final bits of flooring we have. There is a bit to do – not much – but we are waiting for more wood

Rachel before the show began in the studio theatre

I came to the summer house and prepared the music for Arrochar’s service on Sunday and got it despatched to Jamie. Then there was time for a brief walk with Mix, a quick shower and a change of clothes before Rachel and I set out for the Maltings in Berwick where we dined in the restaurant (Cullen Skink followed by Scotch egg, salad and fried potatoes, followed by meringue, blue berries and ice-cream). It was lovely. Then we made our way into the studio theatre for the performance of La Mouche described as “1950s B-Movie madness”, as being in the “French farce tradition” and as a “charmingly dark, laugh a minute riot”.

Well, it was all of that, and more. The play’s name means ‘The Fly’ and it was filled with so many allusions (even to Taggart) many of them through the skilled mimickery skills of the three actors – Euan McIver, Holly Thomas and Mark Vevers. The music was great, the acting we excellent and it was an evening of enormous fun. The work was written, composed and directed by the director of the Maltings Theatre, Matthew Rooke. Over the months we have been here and have been going to the Maltings we have been impressed by the Theatre and the vigour with which it is run, tonight we saw different, but every bit as impressive, skills from the person at the helm. The proof of the pudding was that the audience (I think the theatre was full) thoroughly enjoyed their evening – you could tell that by the laughter and by the applause with which the work was received.

We drove home, watched Newsnight, walked the dogs and went to bed. What a good day it has been.


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