Tuesday 22nd. April, 2014 – Mum’s birthday 

Birthday coffee with gingerbread – this afternoon I joined Olive and Digger for coffee with Mum on her birthday. We ate gingerbread sent to Mum through the post by a friend in Kirkaldy and made especially for Mum’s birthday

Up and set off with Rachel (and the dogs) for Pearson’s to collect a Flowering Cherry tree for Mum’s birthday. Discovered that although the trade area opened at 8 a.m. the garden centre didn’t open until nine. So we waited and returned with the tree for Mum.

While we were having breakfast, Tom and Dorothy with Catriona and her friend Martin arrived. Catriona had helped us when we were building the summer house so she was pleased to see how well it had all turned out.

Everyone set about their daily business. Mum went to the hairdresser in Duns (taken by Digger) and then she and Olive and Digger went for lunch at the Black Bull, something they all enjoyed. Rachel set about gutting the Granary kitchen and fitting new boards from which to suspend the curtains (the dogs destroyed her previous efforts). Dorothy, Martin and Catriona set off to explore Berwick and to walk the ramparts. Tom and I went off to the Barn to fix the new beams for the second half of the floor there. We worked through the day and had the job just about done by the time that Dorothy returned to collect Tom and take him home so that he could be ready for the Morris dancing in the evening. (Tom and I had gone to Pearson’s for lunch in the middle of the day and had also taken delivery of another load of flooring – which I expect we shall use tomorrow.)

The new floor beams we installed today – took a picture because by tomorrow evening they may be forever under the floor and out of sight

I went across to the farmhouse for coffee with Mum and Olive and Digger. We enjoyed some of the Gingerbread which had been sent to Mum for her birthday. Olive had also received flowers from Burntisland Church to say thank you for all of the assistance which she had given them with their accounts. (Just for completeness Amazon also delivered a new potato peeler and for me a CD of Nashville).

I took Mix for a walk and then changed before our evening meal – a birthday meal in the farmhouse for Mum at which we were joined by Scott and Sue. It’s been a day full of activity for most of us – I didn’t get to the cricket but not going was a good decision as there wasn’t a ball bowled which is all rather unfortunate as I suspect that Durham would have won. Still there is always tomorrow and if the weather is good there is potential for a good game of cricket.

A picture of Mum with her birthday cake, with Olive, Sue and Digger looking on from behind. It was a lovely meal with lots of family chat and fun, all ending up with this super cake with 91 in candles which Mum blew out in one – according to family tradition, her wish will come true


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