Sunday 20th. April, 2014 – Easter Sunday 

I took this picture of the advance guard as they arrived at the summit

Woke at 4.20 a.m. (Rachel had stayed up all night) and we were at Tom and Dorothy’s home just after five. We all went together in Rachel’s car to a large lay-by below Cockburn Hill on the road to Abbey St. Bathan’s. With a large crowd we climbed the hill and were all on the summit for sunrise at 5.55 a.m.

We enjoyed the short service – basically the singing of three Easter hymns accompanied by a small brass band made up of the children of one family, I understand. They were very good. Youngsters had carried a cross to the summit and there were also balloons and ribbons on sticks to add to the sense of celebration.

After the service we were taken to a farmhouse with everyone else for breakfast – there was everything: sausages and roils and bacon and shortbread, coffee, tea and soft drinks.

Back home, having dropped off Tom and Dorothy, we walked the dogs and I had a shower before another breakfast in our farmhouse. Soon afterwards we set off with Mum for Gavinton Church where we heard the Easter story from Luke’s Gospel and sang Easter hymns. Again there was coffee after the service during which we helped Tom collect up the mile of pennies around the church.

There is a picture of the Good Friday garden on Friday’s entry. Today the stone has been rolled away and you can see the grave clothes lying inside the tomb

Back at the farmhouse we exchanged Easter eggs. Olive gave us all a bowl in which she has planted something (but won’t tell us what). I’ve put my bowl outside the summer house and, if I am asked to guess, I will suggest that my bowl probably contains nasturtiums – when I was a child I was given a packet of them every year on my birthday by an elderly ‘aunt’ and since then I have always been associated with these flowers (and I like them very much).

Singing gaily on this Easter morning, a welcome visitor who has built his nest on the gable wall of the Hen House

Just before lunch Alison arrived – the daughter of my very good friend from University days, Brian who lives with his wife Elizabeth in Germany. It was a pleasure to have Alison with us. I showed her around and enjoyed a lengthy chat before taking her with us to Scott and Sue’s for an evening Easter meal – the added bonus being the presence of my niece, Katy. It was a lovely meal and a superb evening and afterwards we returned home and walked the dogs before bed. It has been a long day, but a really good one.


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