Saturday 19th. April, 2014 -- Holy Saturday 

Walking with Mix this morning I took this picture on my camera. It is an idyllic scene and reflects life in this beautiful place. As we walked alone in the perfect sunshine I spared a thought for Luss which must be heaving with people today if the weather is anything like it is here. Someone said that the Borders is still waiting to be discovered – I hope it waits awhile yet

Got up and breakfasted and then went and joined Rachel, Rowan and Mix who were already walking down by the little river. Mix joined me and we set off for home.

I spent the morning enjoying the weather, sitting in the summer house with the windows open, reading (and completing) my book. I have another one waiting to start: ‘By Its Cover’, the latest book by Donna Leon. It is set in Venice and I kind of regard these books as extra special. Sitting in the summer house enjoying reading it in the sunshine, I can think of no greater treat.

I lunched on pizza and then, after tidying the upstairs study, I took Mix for a lengthy walk to Gavinton – a real pleasure on such a glorious afternoon. As we walked down towards the bridge I saw this ewe and her lamb who had waded the river and were quite close to the fence. They looked at us and we lo0oked at them:

I also took this picture with a very obvious caption

Sheep may safely graze

Back home I fed Mix and soon it was time for us to set off for Berwick where we ate before attending the Maltings Theatre to see a production of David Copperfield. (We ate at the little fish and chip cafe next to the theatre – the theatre restaurant was closed for Easter this evening. I had sausage, egg and chips and enjoyed it very much. After eating we walked along Bank Street and discover a whole range of restaurants which we will try in the future.)

David Copperfield was presented by the Hotbuckle Theatre company and it was a real tour de force. Five actors, three male and two female presented all of the characters of Dickens work. One, Andrew Chevalier, played David Copperfield and was on stage for the whole of the two and a half hours of the production. The others (Fiona Leaning, Emily Lockwood, Adrian Preater and Peter Randall) presented a huge variety of characters ranging through Betsey Trotwood, Peggotty, Jane, Clara, Dora, Agnes, Emily, Mr. Murdstone, Dan Peggotty, Mr. Micawber, Ham, Barkis, Steerforth and Uriah Heep. It was all thoroughly well done. It was slick and it moved with pace. I found it to be totally captivating. It deserved a larger audience than the sixty to seventy who were present – but we all made our presence felt!

The set for tonight’s play was an excellent touring set as nearly everything would pack into the two trunks on stage. It was most effective and the various trunks and barrels were moved around by the characters to create different rooms and modes of transport as the show developed

Back home, we walked the dogs and I went to bed. Tomorrow is Easter and we have a very early start. Rachel's intention is to stay up all night, but we shall see ...


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