Friday 18th. April, 2014 – Good Friday 

Digger standing in his allotment midway through the morning. It is such a glorious day – look at that sky: we could be in the Mediterranean

Arose – it is a marvellous day: the kind of day you dream about. I went for breakfast and afterwards walked Mix before going for a shower and dealing with some emails.

Then we loaded the dogs into my car and, along with Olive and Rachel, I set off for the coast, driving down to the Barn at Beal where we had lunch (for me a huge bowl of tomato soup followed by scampi and chips). I had been anxious to get there quickly because I had thought that with the weather as it was and with it being a Bank Holiday (and a school holiday) everywhere would have been crowded, but that was not the case. We got a table without any problem and outside we could see the ewes with their lambs:

What a lovely day to be a lamb and to be discovering and exploring in such a beautiful place

After lunch we drove across the causeway onto Holy Island where we parked the car among the sand-dunes and went for a walk with the dogs. The beach was glorious, quite quiet and expansive as the tide was out. The dogs loved their walk.

If we had weather like this all the time then no one would ever go abroad

A picture of Olive and Rachel setting off into the sand-dunes to find the car

Having walked the dogs, we drove back into Berwick and made for HomeBase and Marks and Spencer where we bought, respectively, Teak Oil to refurbish garden furniture and Easter eggs for Sunday morning. We drove home and I then spent the last of the afternoon in the summer house (with the windows open) reading my book.

Rachel spent the rest of the afternoon in the garden and Digger continued hard at work in his allotment. He is clearly over his operation and enjoying being back at work in his garden (although he tells me that digging is still quite hard).

Mum has been absent today because she attended her book group this afternoon, continuing her study of novels written in or about Africa. Today she was in Sierra Leone having read a book (The Memory of Love by Aminatta Forna) which I think she found quite harrowing. Amazon describes the book as ‘a heartbreaking story of ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances’.

We dined at six (as usual this week) so that we could go to the Good Friday Service at Gavinton.

At the front of the church there was this little Good Friday Garden with the sealed tomb – appropriate as we read the story of the Passion and sang some of the great Passiontide hymns

Later we watched some television (the most recent episode of Endeavour and an episode of Rev which I had missed) before walking the dogs and bed. We are told to expect more of the same glorious weather tomorrow. It will be wonderful if it happens.


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