Wednesday 16th. April, 2014 – A day of bits and pieces 

Spring has been heralded not only by the arrival of many birds but also by the appearance of more tractors than I have ever seen before. At one stage there were three working on this field just across the road from Mount Pleasant. I am looking forward to charting work on the fields around us during this year

Woke, walked Mix and had breakfast in the farmhouse. Started work in the summer house preparing the music for Arrochar this Sunday and then completed collecting together all of our tools and putting them in the tool chest in the Hen House. Digger borrowed the lawnmower and it wasn’t long before he was back to tell me that bolts had come loose and the lawnmower was disabled. In fact the bolt had got damaged by the cutter when it came out but I rescued it and Rachel took it with her when she went into Duns at lunch time and managed to get a duplicate which I fitted and Digger was able to continue with the grass cutting.

I lunched on rolls with cheese and pickled onions and then did a bit of sorting in the Hen House before spending some more time in the summer house (always having the radio on through the computer so that I could follow Durham’s cricket match against Northamptonshire, which turned into a real thriller, ending in a draw, with Durham requiring just one wicket to clinch victory.)

We dined at six and then Mum, Rachel and I went off to Berwick to attend the Holy Week Service which today was following the order used by the Anglican Church in Botswana. The service was led by an Anglican Vicar from Wearmouth who had superintended the diocesan link with Botswana over the last twelve years. The service was lively and the vicar was an able communicator. I loved being part of it and I loved the communion liturgy he presented to us.

We drove home and after watching a bit of television (another two episodes of the Killing – at this rate we will complete the film by Pentecost), we walked the dogs and retired to bed. (Should report that my parcel from Amazon eventually arrived today – I had complained to Amazon that it was two days late and Amazon have given me an extra month’s membership of Prime without charge: so it does pay to complain if service is not up to scratch.)

Should also report that after such beautiful weather yesterday, today was blustery and really quite cold and I was glad of my fleece when Rachel and I walked the dogs late in the afternoon. We saw that the work on the bridge is well up to schedule and, in fact, work has started on dismantling the scaffolding on the southern side of the bridge.

A picture of the bridge. It was after five but work is continuing and part of the scaffolding on this side of the bridge has already been taken down.

I handed Mix over to Rachel while I took the picture of the bridge. For some reason Mix took a dislike to being handed over to Rachel and she had a job holding on to him

It’s fun and every day is different here at Mount Pleasant.


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