Tuesday 15th. April, 2014 It feels like mid-summer 

Not much of a picture, I know, but it reflects today. We have all been doing lots of odds and ends; the sun has been shining (look at that shadow), and the dogs have been looking on. In this picture Rachel is demolishing the bit of fence that still remains from the one which signally failed to survive the winds of autumn and winter – so that I can get into this area of the garden and cut the grass

Woke and got up in time for breakfast at nine. Rachel had already taken both dogs out for a walk. Tom arrived and in no time at all the edge of the new floor had been treated with silicone. We got out the lawn-mower and set it up (Tom making sure that there was exactly the right amount of oil in the machine). While Tom went off to pick up his grand-son, I drove Mum to Duns for her hairdressing appointment, picking up petrol for the mower on the way back.

I put the new tool-chest together and, with help from Rachel, moved it into the Hen House. Next we started the mower and used it until it jammed (just a simple mistake of thinking the highest setting was the lowest setting – Tom just shook his head and smiled).

I lunched while I watched the news while Rachel collected Mum from Duns; (Digger was away visiting the bank in Berwick and Olive worked on some Church accounts). Unfortunately a swallow had got into one of the barns while Digger was getting stuff out of it and so Tom had to read the riot act to the offending swallow (after which it meekly left the building). Rachel has now put up little notices on each barn advising swallows that there has been a change of policy and that while they are extremely welcome to nest in the exterior eaves of the barns, they should not venture inside. (The notices also serve to remind us to keep the doors closed.)

I spent a bit of time cutting grass around the summer house and then collecting tools for the tool chest, while Rachel varnished the floor in what will be her new loom room. And all the while the sun shone – it is a spectacular day; the kind of day which makes you glad to be alive (to be honest the kind of day which used to always happen when I had so much work to so and so I could never really enjoy. Well, now I can.)

Of course, we found time to walk the dogs and on the walk I took this picture of the white blossom which is all around us on the trees. Rachel tells me that it is crab apple. It may well be, but to me it is a sign that Spring is here and that Summer is on the way

We dined early and then Rachel, Mum and I went off to Berwick for the Holy Week service which today was based on the Scottish Episcopal Church’s Order. The lady priest stressed how different they were from their Presbyterian (and Anglican) colleagues and then started her service with a Metrical psalm – arguably one of Presbyterianism’s greatest gifts to the world church family – and ended her service with one of John Bell’s songs, perhaps a modern equivalent. Again, as with last night, I enjoyed the service based on John’s Gospel rather than the more traditional synoptic approach to Holy Week, and then we came back to Mount Pleasant where we watched some television (another two episodes of The Killing which is turning out to be another magnus opus) before it was time to walk the dogs and go to bed.


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