Monday 14th. April, 2014 – Monday in Holy Week and we make great progress 

The afternoon has come to an end and the first half of the new floor in the barn has been installed. It may not look level but I promise you that it is and that everything else is off line! It is also exceedingly strong and will hold the loom with no problem at all. I think that it is a work of art

Up and walked Mix. The day dawned glorious – I have turned over in my mind whether that should be gloriously but have come to the conclusion that glorious is correct. If the day had dawned gloriously that would be a comment on how the day dawned but what I want to express is that when day dawned, the day that dawned was glorious. So now you know – and what is more important is that you catch an idea of how beautiful everything is today. The sun is shining the colours are bright, and Mum spent all morning outside either pottering in the garden or sitting in her seat.

Tom and I started work on fitting the flooring onto the beams in the big barn. We had done much of the basic work by lunch time when we went off to Pearson’s to collect some more supplies and to have lunch (leek and potato soup followed by Macaroni cheese, washed down with Ginger Beer). Working through the afternoon we got the floor totally completed by stopping time. Rachel, who had been out at Duns for much of the day, was going to varnish the floor but that has been put off until tomorrow because instead we had an early supper and then drove into Duns with Mum to attend a Monday in Holy Week Service (there isn’t one here).

I enjoyed the service (it was in the Anglican Parish Church but was based on a Norwegian Lutheran Communion Service), after which we came home and watched a bit of television (episodes two and three of The Killing with Mum and Olive) before walking Mix and retiring for the night. It has been a great day and the sunshine made it even greater.

(By the by, my Saturday order from Amazon arrived today – but the order I was expecting today didn’t arrive at all. I had Mum waiting for my Amazon order and a black gentleman arrived at the door. Mum went to speak to him and he said that he was making a delivery to Duns – he was clearly disconcerted because the road to Duns was closed and was looking for directions – ‘Are you from Amazon?’ asked Mum. ‘No,’ the gentleman replied, ‘I’m from Africa.’)


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