Friday 11th. April, 2014 Progress under attack! 

Rachel unveils a new kilt in the Red Fraser tartan. For the past three days it has been under weights being pressed. Today it was revealed, packed and dispatched to its owner for whom it will provide three generations of wear

Up and walked Mix along with Rachel and Rowan. Enjoyed breakfast in the farmhouse with Mum. Digger was driving Olive to Berwick to catch a train to Burntisland where she was to help a congregation with their annual accounts. Rachel was getting ready to go to Duns to send off a kilt which she has just completed. It looks really smart.

Tom arrived and the first thing we saw was a swallow – we just got our defences completed in time and, in fact, all morning we were bombarded by swallows who were trying to fight their way into the barn on which we were working. It really was like being under attack.

Progress was good. We have half of the floor fitted with beams – this is a lengthy process as every beam has to be levelled both with itself and with all of the other beams. But by the end of the afternoon we had the first half completed and on Monday we shall start to put the floor down on this part of the barn.

The picture shows Digger giving us a line to enable us to position the first floor board so that it will run into the corner of the barn which we have not yet built up. Everything about the barn is off the square, so nothing is quite as easy as we had imagined. But, once it is finished, everything will look superb. The height of the beams from the floor at the middle of the barn shows the variations of floor level (the beams are sitting on the floor in the right hand corner of the barn)

I stopped at lunch time and made myself a pizza and, at the end of the afternoon, Mix and I went for a walk before supper. Rachel and Mum were off to Galashiels in the afternoon – they explored where we used to live and Rachel collected some travelling rugs which were being washed after coming off the loom.

When Mix and I walked down past the bridge this afternoon it was clear that the workers have made great progress with rebuilding the bridge. The other parapet was worked on first and now this northern parapet is all but complete and is looking really good. They have done well

In the evening we watched some television (the final episode of Silk – rather sad) before walking the dogs and retiring to bed.

We are making progress – and it is fun.


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