Monday 7th. April, 2014 – The work begins (and the cricket season begins at Durham) 

My ‘new’ cement mixer (bought at a recent agricultural market) was in action for the first time today

I was up early today, leaving Mount Pleasant by six-thirty to get Olive to Berwick in time for her train. Still, this is her second last day at work.

Back home I walked Mix and then we went for breakfast in the farmhouse. Soon afterwards Tom arrived and we started work. The task for today was to build dwarf walls on which to set the beams on which will be laid the floor for the big barn. So I learned several new skills including how to operate a cement mixer, the quantities of sand and cement to use and how to tip it all into a wheel-barrow. I learned how to cement the cement blocks onto the floor against the wall and how to point the walls in the barn; and I learned how to clean the cement mixer when we were finished! All of this took most of the day – we did stop for coffee with Mum at the end of the morning shift and Rachel, Tom and I spent a wee while in the summer house at the end of the day, but otherwise we were hard at it. Now we have the beams all cut to size and, provided that the cement has set by tomorrow, we shall start the day by setting out the beams. It has been a satisfying day.

I had wondered about going down to Durham today to be present at the first day of the cricket season (Durham are playing the university) however I was glad I didn’t as the day’s play was washed out without a ball being bowled. Our season is one day old and we have already lost a whole day’s play! I hope that this isn’t an omen of all that is to come this summer.

I walked Mix and had a shower before supper and then I watched the final of University Challenge before setting off to Berwick to collect Olive and bring her home. (The train was late so I had a chance to watch the Panorama programme about bailiffs mistreating people with parking fine arrears. It was a horrifying programme.) Before bed I watched Rev on the television and I walked Mix. Another good day.


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