Saturday 5th. April, 2014 – A retirement kind of a day 

This afternoon we went for a walk along the disused railway line not far from where we live. We’d been here before but the dogs seem to enjoy it and I like to look over the surrounding fields, some with animals in them, some with crops

Slept in this morning – not at all by accident, I told the farmhouse folk not to expect me for breakfast before going to bed last night. I got up about ten-thirty and made my way to the summer house where I read a book and listened to some music, notably Mozart’s oboe quartet which I had so enjoyed last night.

I joined Rachel for a spot of lunch in the Granary (oatcakes and cheese) while Rachel was working on a couple of kilts which are nearing completion. Then it was back to the summer house to read and listen to music – it is my absolute idea of being retired and it is almost the first day I have had the opportunity to do it (and with the swallows forecast to arrive in a fortnight or so I really should have been working).

I met Olive’s friends, Simon and Peter, who had come to see her about their accountancy exams and I had coffee with Mum and the others in the farmhouse and then, later in the afternoon, Rachel and I packed the dogs into the car and drove up to the old railway line where we went for a wander before popping in to the Co-op on the way home and buying some bits and pieces for supper tomorrow.

We all dined together in the summer house and afterwards we watched last week’s episode of Endeavour so that we are all set for tomorrow’s instalment.

Afterwards I walked Mix and retired to bed. It has been a lovely day and I have enjoyed every moment of it. Unfortunately I haven’t yet been retired long enough not to feel just a tiny bit guilty at having a day of such self-centred relaxation and indulgence, but then, why else did I build my summer house? And this week is going to be a busy one.

I got this envelope enclose a guitar capo I ordered from Amazon a few days ago. It came all the way from China (I had no idea I was ordering from China) but it was the custom declaration that caught my eye. It declares to the customs officers that it is a gift – well, I certainly paid for it – and it declares that what is in the envelope is a Card Charger. It certainly isn’t. It was the guitar capo I ordered and paid for in the usual way. I might have expected this from ebay but I was surprised to discover this from Amazon.


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