Friday 4th. April, 2014 – A day of bits and pieces 

The new (and first of many) floor-beam may not look horizontal – but it is absolutely so, as the spirit-level proves (it is just that everything else is off-line)!

Up and went to breakfast with Marie and Robbie in the farmhouse. Tom arrived to join us, as did Rachel. It was another rotten day with continuous rain during the morning. After breakfast Robbie and Marie set off for home, we had enjoyed having them with us enormously.

Soon afterwards the lorry arrived with our supplies from Pearsons. We got it unloaded and then spent some time getting things into the barn. By the time we got the first floor beam positioned (above) it was time to stop for lunch. Tom went off home as he had to change and go to an appointment in the afternoon. I joined Digger and Olive in the farmhouse and met their friends Alice and Susan who were visiting.

After some lunch in the Granary, ( the left-overs of a cheese and bean pie), I went out to the summer house and prepared the music files for the service at Arrochar this Sunday. I also got a file from Rachel to send to Luss.

As Tom was not coming back today, I walked Mix (with Rachel and Rowan) and went for a hot shower before changing and setting off for Berwick with Rachel to visit the Maltings where we had a drink in the bar. We were the first customers in the bar so I took a picture which catches something of the atmosphere of the place. It is very theatrical and quite cosy as well:

We made our way into the studio theatre where we listened to the Royal Northern Sinfonia present an excellent programme. It started with Purcell’s Fantasias for String Quartet and Mozart’s Oboe Quartet in F major, K370 and the second half consisted of Schubert’s String Quartet in D minor, ‘Death and Maiden’. It was an excellent programme, superbly performed and I loved it.

I took this picture before the performance began. The little theatre was full and the tabs had been drawn back so that there was quite a lot of natural light. We could see out of the windows to the right of the auditorium and it made everything a bit more airy

We drove home and Rachel made us some spaghetti which we ate while watching the most recent episode of Shetland. After the glories of the music I think that I dozed during the television programme but I woke up to walk Mix before making my way to bed. It has been a good day.


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