Thursday 3rd. April, 2014 – Poor weather, good company 

I had never (to my knowledge) been to St. Abb’s Head before. Here I was looking down on the harbour. It was an enchanting little village

Rose and walked Mix before breakfast. Tom arrived and he and I set off for Pearson’s while Rachel and Dorothy set off for Berwick and a day in the glass studio. Tom and I bought more Calor gas, some sand and cement and ordered more wood beams, flooring and cement blocks which we will start to use tomorrow.

Tom set off for home and I loaded Mum, Robbie and Marie into my car and we set off for a day’s adventure. The weather was wet and, frankly, horrible, but we were determined not to let that discourage us. We drove first of all to Reston, a small village close to Berwick. It was here that Mum used to have a holiday home. We found the house which is now up for sale so we were able to peer into the windows and have a look around. It brought back happy memories to Mum which she shared with Marie and Robbie as I drove on.

As there was no-one about we crept into the garden of Mum’s old house and I took this picture of her

We came to Eyemouth, parked at the harbour and went for a walk along the front and then through the town, ending up back at the harbour where we enjoyed an excellent lunch in The Contented Sole. I had scampi (in batter) and chips, followed by black forest gateaux with ice cream and chocolate sauce. Wonderful. We left contented and drove on.

I suspect that this stall might have been open had the weather been a little better – but then I might not have had the opportunity of photographing Mum, Marie and Robbie with an Eyemouth prawn

We drove through Coldingham (site of an ancient Priory) and came to St. Abb’s. We visited the relatively new Visitor Centre (opened in 2011) and looked down at the little harbour and the seas all around.

Mum, Robbie and Marie above the little harbour at St. Abb’s

Getting back into the car we drove to Berwick where we made for a little cafe called Thistle Do Nicely. The reason for our visit is that it is run by the son of a friend of Marie’s. I dropped my three passengers at the door and went off to park the car. On my return I found them ensconced in the cafe. What I wasn’t aware of was that they had found the cafe closed but knocked on the window to gain admittance – the cafe had closed early because of the atrocious weather but was happy to open up again for Marie!

Robbie, Marie and Mum in the Thistle Do Nicely – clean plates and empty cups: we had done extremely nicely, thank you (you can tell that my photographic activity was beginning to wear everyone down)!

From here, with coffee and chocolate cake inside me, I drove on to Duns where we looked at our town and bought some wine before returning home via Gavinton so that we could visit Tom and Dorothy and meet their goats and hens. Robbie and Marie were delighted to see Tom and Dorothy’s home and were fascinated by all that they are doing. Finally we showed them our church at Gavinton before coming back home.

Dorothy feeding her goats

Dorothy showing off her first piece of glass art

I walked Mix, lit the fire, drove Mum into Duns to attend a performance of Me and My Gal in which her hairdresser was appearing, and then had supper with Marie, Robbie, Digger and Olive. (Rachel had returned from her glass-making day but was now back in Berwick singing in the choir). Afterwards I had a long chat with Robbie (putting the world to rights as we had always done in the past) and then we all watched Question Time together in the Granary before Rachel and I walked the dogs. It had been a superlative day.


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