Wednesday 2nd. April, 2014 – Another really lovely day 

After my day at Bede’s World yesterday, perhaps it was overkill to spend part of today at the Lindisfarne Priory museum. Maybe so, but I thoroughly enjoyed it

Rose very early and Mix and I drove Olive into Berwick at 6.30 a.m. After today Olive will have only two further such journeys to make – next Monday and next Wednesday – and then she will be retired, like the rest of us.

Back home, I walked Mix with Rachel and Rowan; and then I started putting on to this blog some of the photos which I took yesterday. They are aid memoires for me rather than works of art and over the next few days, whenever I get the opportunity, I will add captions to the pictures.

We breakfasted at nine and soon afterwards Robbie, Marie, Rachel and I (with Rowan in the back and Mix staying at the farmhouse) set off by car for Lindisfarne. Mum stayed behind because she was going to her book club with Ann, our minister.

Rachel (and Rowan), Marie and Robbie enjoying a blustery day in the Priory on Lindisfarne

We enjoyed Lindisfarne, driving across the causeway, visiting the Church of St. Mary, the Priory and the Priory museum run by Historic Scotland. The museum and Priory had only opened for the season yesterday but already things were in full swing with lots of visitors on the island. I enjoyed the Priory – it must have been such an impressive building before it was destroyed – and I enjoyed the interpretation in the museum. There was a good little shop as well with some excellent books.

Marie and Robbie are caught up in the exhibition within the museum

We set off to look at one of the more touristy shops – a strange mixture of quality (pottery) and tat (plaques with messages on them and the usual things inscribed with your name); but it was clearly doing well and knew its market.

Back across the causeway we made our way to the Barn at Beal where we enjoyed a lovely lunch. The soup (sweet potato and pepper) was just what was required: warming, full of taste and with a real tang to it. The Haddock and chips was enormous.

From here we drove first to Bamburgh to look at the castle and from there through Seahouses to the farm of a very good friend of Marie and Robbie’s. Driving into the farm yard we saw Frazer’s son, Craig who recognised Marie and directed us to where his father was fixing a fence. We drove on up and left Marie and Robbie with their friend for an hour or so while we went off and walked Rowan and explored Seahouses (Rachel walked Rowan, I explored Seahouses). On our return Frazer insisted on welcoming us into his home and then to showing us his ancient Massie-Ferguson tractor, now totally restored and gleaming and, I would imagine, in better shape than when it was new. It was obviously his pride and joy.

While Rachel and I were entertaining Rowan we found this house by the sea in a little village just south of Seahouses. It seemed quite unusual, certainly worthy of a photograph

We drove home to Mount Pleasant in time for a late cup of tea before I had to set off for Berwick to collect Olive and bring her home in time for dinner – another super meal. Marie showed us a photo-book which their granddaughter had made showing pictures of their twenty-years of marriage. This was followed up by some pictures on her photo-frame of the party they had had to celebrate that event in the Lodge on Loch Lomond at the start of February. It was good to see so many faces we knew so well.

Eventually we made our way back to the Granary – Mum, Marie, Robbie, Rachel and I – and we continued to talk until it was time for bed. It has been such a good day. Just time to walk the dogs before bed.


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