Monday 31st. March, 2014 – Back to the grind-stone 

Most of the day was spent cleaning the inside of the roof of the barn – here Tom is on the scaffolding tower and Rachel is watching as he brushes the grime off the roof beams

I was up early today and set off for Berwick with Olive about twenty-five past six (concerned lest the fog of last night was still on the road). In fact there still was some fog but it wasn’t too bad as it began to get light. Having dropped Olive at the station (and checked that her train was running to time) I returned to Mount Pleasant where Mix and I set about the summer house before going for an early morning walk. Breakfast followed and then it was back to the summer house. (I suppose I need to explain why I seem to be always putting the summer house to rights. I get it sorted and then I bring another three or four boxes in and the process of absorbing what is in the boxes usually entails a total reorganisation. Maybe I am just not doing it right, but it seems to me to be worth the effort.)

Tom arrived mid-morning with his trailer filled with a scaffolding tower and with Dorothy. First of all Digger came and helped us by setting levels with his theodolite so that we can have a level floor in a very uneven building.

While Digger operates his theodolite Tom marks the levels on the walls. So long as we measure the same distance down from these marks around the barn, the new floor will be level

Once the levels had been marked we erected the scaffolding tower and tried to vacuum the roof space. Soon we gave up and attacked it instead with a brush on an extending pole. The roof beams are in very good condition and brushed off without too much problem. Several old bird’s nest had to be removed and bits of woodworm (very little) had to be treated but by the end of the afternoon it was all looking extremely good.

Tom is on the roof, all masked up, and Rachel is wielding her broom on the walls and on the floor. Now that everything is clean we shall start on building the new wooden floor

Tom and Dorothy went home for lunch and I dined on sausage and beans while I watched the conclusion of the debacle which was England’s defeat by the Netherlands in the T20 competition. England really did reach a new low today – and I know that it is only a game but six months ago we were the favourites to win the ashes in Australia and everything has fallen totally apart.

Tom, Rachel and I did more of the same this afternoon and, after Tom went home for tea, I completed the tidying of the summer house and went for dinner with Rachel, Digger and Mum in the farmhouse. Later in the evening I set off for Berwick and brought Olive home from her day of lecturing in Dundee. Once home I was glad to get to bed because I have another early start tomorrow, this time with Scott as we set off for Bede’s World, but that is tomorrow’s story.


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