Sunday 30th. March, 2014 – A Super day in every way 

A picture of the watering can filled with flowers which we gave to Mum for her garden room on mother’s day (Mix gave Mum some chocolate to make up for what he had earlier stolen)

Up at seven on my alarm clock (which was really six because of the hour change). I showered and then walked Mix down to the bridge and back before changing into something smart for Church which this morning (because it is the fifth Sunday of the month) was in the village hall at Longformacus. I was at Tom’s house by 8.40 and we were at the hall by nine – in plenty time to set up our music system and check that it was working well. Mum and Rachel arrived just before ten.

Before the service, after setting up the music, Tom and I wandered off to see the now disused Longformacus Church. Unfortunately the present owners of the estate in which it sits do not allow vehicular access to the Church, thus effectively strangling its use with the result that it has now been sold and services are held in the Village Hall

The congregation are assembling for the service in Longformacus Village Hall. It is an attractive hall and it is used by the Church occasionally on one of the months when there are five Sundays

There was a good congregation and the service was a meditation – using readings, words and music – based on five of the incidents in the Gospels in which Jesus met women. (The woman who touched Jesus’ cloak and was healed, the foreign woman who’s daughter was healed after she claimed Jesus’ attention on the basis that ‘even the dogs under the table eat the children’s leftovers’, the woman caught in adultery – ‘ let him who is without sin cast the first stone’, the widow who put her two coins into the Temple treasury, all that she had, and the woman who anointed Jesus’ head with precious ointment at Bethany during Holy Week.) The service then reached its climax with the admission of Tom to the Kirk Session of our Church. It was good.

After the service at which Tom was admitted to the Kirk Session. Tom is pictured with Dorothy, Rachel and Mum

After the service we were given coffee and cakes and then we stayed for the Stated Annual Meeting. There were several reports – finance, property, Session Clerk and Minister. The nub of the meeting is that we had a deficit last year and are projecting a similar one this year. In all we are expected to have a shortfall from income of £16,000 of which £12,000 will be able to be recouped from funds held in Edinburgh (after which the well will be dry but by which time we shall be linked with Duns).

Back home Olive had prepared an excellent meal – roast pork followed by rhubarb tart and custard. It was excellent (and the pork was covered with a superb rich pepper sauce). In the afternoon I worked away in the summer house dealing with the boxes which were transported here as a result of my clear-out of the lounge in the Granary yesterday. It is a constant battle but we make progress and there is still quite a lot to do in the summer house which I will complete early tomorrow. (Watched Australia being humbled by India in the T20 cricket – I was quite surprised.)

Dorothy, Rachel and Tom at the Lindisfarne Inn. Unfortunately by the time I remembered to take a photo we had eaten all of the food – but it was extremely good

We walked the dogs and then set off to collect Tom and Dorothy and drive them to the Lindisfarne Inn for a meal both to thank them for all of their help (particularly in emptying the large barn) and to celebrate Tom’s admission to the Kirk Session at Gavinton. We had an excellent meal, working our way through the menu, and then drove home in thick fog. It was good to be home where, after walking the dogs, we retired to bed. What a really good day!


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