Saturday 29th. March, 2014 – working – and on a Saturday too! 

It was misty when Mix and I had our late afternoon walk. During the day there had been sheep on the banks of the River Blackadder below out house but when we returned in the late afternoon all were heading off in the distance making their way home – and there didn’t appear to be anyone giving instructions, or even a sheep dog to be seen

Slept in until 8.30 at which time I got up and walked Rowan and Mix before breakfasting in the farmhouse. Immediately after breakfast Tom arrived and we had a gentle rehearsal of all of the music for the service tomorrow morning, after which we went off to the big barn to plan (again) what we were going to do with it and how we would go about it.

Then I ran Mum into Duns so that she could buy her paper (and some Easter cards – Duns is clearly not into Easter cards as there was little choice and what they had was difficult to find). I went to the Co-op to stock up on supplies and bumped into Digger who was making his first foray out of the house since his operation.

Back home I set about the task for today. The lounge had been filled with cardboard boxes. My task was quite simply to empty them and deal with their contents.

You can see many cardboard boxes – but many more are hiding under the piano

I worked at it all afternoon – it wasn’t all that unpleasant as I had a roaring fire in the stove and on the television I watched England against South Africa in the T20 competition. England came close – but they lost finally by just three runs.

There are still some items to deal with, but all of the ones for which I was responsible are now away from the lounge and sorted. That is quite a result.

Mix and I went for a walk. I was surprised to see that all of the sheep which were grazing along the banks of the Blackadder had turned and were together trooping off into the distance; presumably they were going home (perhaps they had heard the dinner gong) but it was a bit eerie to see so many animals all of one mind, making their way across the fields.

Up at the bridge Mix was extremely interested in the stones which have all been carefully set out before being built back into the bridge. The bridge was closed for eight weeks and we are now half-way through that period of time so I guess that they must be half-way through the work.

Back home we all dined together in the farmhouse. Afterwards Rachel and I returned to the Granary and watched a bit of television (Il Commissario De Luca on BBC 4 set in the late thirties in Rimini) before walking the dogs and retiring to bed – early tonight because we shall lose an hour as the clocks go forward an hour.


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