Friday 28th. march, 2014 – A really relaxed day 

It is late in the afternoon and everyone is walking dogs. I am taking this picture with Mix by my side out of the picture; Mum has just returned with Heidi and Rachel is setting off with Rowan. Well, that’s country living

Up early and breakfasted in the farmhouse before Olive, Rachel and I (with Rowan for company) set out for Berwick to do some shopping. We went to Tesco where Olive completed a large shopping and I bought some bits and pieces for lunches and for the summer house. Meanwhile Rachel walked Rowan. We were assisted by a very chatty checkout assistant called Marty who made the whole exercise a happy one.

Next stop was HomeBase where we bought a rail for the wardrobe which Tom and I moved yesterday, followed by a visit to Halford’s where we failed to find the base for the SatNav for which Rachel was looking. We made our way home where we discovered that Mix was in disgrace because he had opened Olive's zipped bag, extracted a box of chocolates, and eaten them. I was angry with Mix but also rather concerned because chocolates are extremely bad for dogs – but as yet he has shown no ill-effects.

Having brought food home, I lunched on some of it in front of the television watching a bit of the cricket. Australia are all but out of the competition having lost to the West Indies, and India are now through to the semi-finals having beaten Bangladesh.

I sorted out my post, dealt again with the electricity company and was delighted to receive my cricket membership card and fixture list from Durham. What I enjoy best is attending the first day of a four-day match. This season there is only one of these all season which is not scheduled for a Sunday. That’s a shame but without a doubt I shall see more cricket this year than ever before and I can’t wait for it. Mum and then Olive arrived at the summer house and I served coffee and snowballs before we set out to walk the dogs (see picture at the head of this entry). Rachel had already cleaned out the chicken house so that now that Digger has taken over the caring for his hens after his recuperation the hens at least have a clean house to enjoy.

Even hens appreciate clean bedding and a fresh and bright home

Rachel was in great cleaning mood today and has totally ransacked (I am quite sure that is not the right word but it describes the fervour with which she approached her task) the kitchen, including confiscating the expanding foam I bought for the barn yesterday and using it to fill in any holes she could find in the kitchen to prevent mice from gaining access.

At seven we all ate in the farmhouse – fish-pie, one of my favourites -- after which we retired to the Granary (walking through the clean and tidy kitchen) to the lounge where the stove was firing on all cylinders to provide a really warm inside environment on an extremely cold evening. Mum and Olive joined us to watch Gravity in 3D. I understand that the film won seven Oscars. The effects were stupendous but there wasn’t a great deal of storyline. Still it was a good way to spend an evening and afterwards we walked the dogs before bed.


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