Saturday 1st. February, 2014 – Getting on with getting on 

The beautiful view from the front drive of Mount Pleasant this morning

Slept in this morning – not hugely but by the time I emerged it was nine o’clock so Mix and I went across for my breakfast and it was only after I had enjoyed my porridge that I took him for a walk along the Swinton Road.

Back home I sanded down the Garden Room and then started to paint the walls with some paint which had been left over from a previous decorating project. Worked all morning until Scott and Sue arrived for late morning coffee and then, after a very welcome break, I returned to the fray.

Before too long I had run out of paint – well, that’s OK because I was only using up what was left over. Tomorrow, after church, I’ll pop into Berwick and replenish our supplies from HomeBase. Rachel – who had been out walking Mix – returned and took over the task of priming all of the woodwork in the Garden Room so between us we got a great deal done.

Just for the record I took this picture to record our progress

Back in the Granary (after taking Mix for another walk while the wind picked up and it looked as though the weather was going to take a definite turn for the worse) I had a welcome shower and read for a while.

We had an early tea this evening to enable Mum, Olive and I to attend the Gavinton Village Pantomime – Wind in the Willows. The hall is lovely and the show was a typical village show – with a thank you for the prompter from the stage at the end of the performance. I liked the imaginative animal costumes, some of which worked superbly; I liked the energy which a number of the characters brought to their performances, I liked the way that young and old were sharing on the stage and I liked the pleasure that the village audience got from watching their own in action. It was a happy evening (and Wind in the Willows is a lovely story).

A snap of the curtain call just before the final curtain came down

Back at home I watched a little television before retiring to bed with my book. It has got very stormy – wind and rain are rattling around the roofs, definitely not a night to be out and about. Even the dogs were happy to have the quickest of walks before bed. In fact Mix would probably have preferred to remain in the summer house relaxing on his big cushion.

Reflected on the different entertainments over the last three evenings: on Thursday we were at the Maltings for the streaming of the National Theatre production of Coriolanus; yesterday we were back at the Maltings this time for the film of The Railway Man; and tonight we were in the village hall at Gavinton for the annual village pantomime. We really are living the life of Reilly!


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