Wednesday 29th. January, 2014 – Another great day 

Rachel is installing her new printer – a wireless one which for now is sitting on top of Rowan’s home

My alarm went off at 5.45 a.m. and by half past six I had showered and, along with Mix, was sitting in my car ready to drive Olive to Berwick to catch an early morning train to Dundee. On our return Mix and I went for a walk. It was dry but everything underfoot was extremely wet. In fact I had lain awake during the night listening to the rain lashing our home and pondering on how fortunate we were to have a roof over our heads and to live somewhere warm and comfortable.

After breakfast Tom arrived. Dorothy had dropped him off on her way to see a spinning demonstration (she came back later in the day with sandwiches for lunch and a spinning wheel which she had borrowed to start to develop spinning skills of her own). Tom and I went off to Duns with a shopping list, dropping off Digger at the garage to collect his car which now is equipped with a new alternator.

Our purchases were all for Mum’s Garden Room: a skirting board (or rather wood to make into a skirting board, a light rose to drop through the ceiling into the middle of the room once we had removed the existing spotlight system, electrical bits and pieces so that we could move one of the power sockets down to ground level to serve the heater, plaster to fill in the holes and prepare the walls for what comes next and several tubes of ‘no more nails’.

Back home we enjoyed a coffee and a wagon wheel – you don’t take things too quickly when you are retired – and then we started to fit the lighting: removing the existing spotlights and creating a central light which will be grand once a lampshade has been found for it. Next we blanked off one of the power sockets and refitted it at ground level. We had to cut a channel through the plasterboard so it took a bit of time. Finally we filled in all the holes in the walls, the first stage of their preparation for painting and decorating (a task which is in the hands of Rachel and Digger). The boxing-in was given some more tender care and sanded down and everything was tidied up – tomorrow we only have to fit the skirting board and our part of the work is largely done. I’ve ordered a tv mounting bracket which we will fit on the wall and we shall try to get hold of a curved curtain rail to screen off the washing machine at the end of the room.

It was about this time that Dorothy arrived and we shared sandwiches and drank coffee for a while. Rachel was away to Berwick with Rowan who is learning to do as she is told (perhaps). Later in the afternoon Mix and I went for another walk and when I returned I helped Rachel (who had also returned) to access her new email address and to install her new printer. It is a wireless one and can sit on top of Rowan’s cage which is in the bedroom. Well, it started on Rowan’s cage but I gather it will move to one of the window seats (we have several in the bedroom. In fact you can see one of these seats at the far right of the picture. Having equipment which was controlled by wifi always seemed a bit hit and miss to me but now that we have these cables which allow us to access our hub through the house electric power points everything seems very reliable. I will even be able to access Rachel’s new printer from the summer house. It will be wonderful to have a working printer again.

Digger went off to collect Olive from Berwick in his newly repaired car and Mum was collected to be taken to the local history group. We dined with Olive and Digger when they returned from Berwick. It was a relaxing meal and, just as we were finishing, Mum returned from the history group. She had enjoyed the meeting which was all about Duns Castle.

Rachel and I went across to the Granary and there we watched an episode of Midsomer Murders in the warmth created by our stove – I mention this because the temperature outside has plummeted. It is extremely cold. Still we all walked around the policies, Mix, Rowan, Rachel and I, and then I suspect that we were all glad to get to bed.


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