Tuesday 21st. January, 2014 – Another job done 

Tom checks that the new doors do actually open

Up and walked Mix before breakfast. Only when I went across for breakfast the farm house door was locked – everyone was still asleep. Out in the courtyard Tom was already at work so I went and joined him. We fitted door facings at the barn and then hung the first door – the one we made yesterday.

At this point, feeling rather pleased with ourselves, we went off to the farmhouse for breakfast. After breakfast and before lunch we made the frame of the other door and started fitting the tongue and groove flooring to it – getting about half of it done before it was time to stop for lunch. We had, however, completed all of the housing joints which involved chiselling sixteen half-joints.

At lunch time I made myself a pizza and then it was time to start again. By the end of the afternoon the doors were completed and hung to Tom’s satisfaction; the ironmongery was fitted and the doors looked well.

Mum, Olive and Rachel came out to expect the completed job and weren’t pleased to be lined up for a photograph

We went into the farmhouse and had a look at what needs to be done in the Morning Room. We’ll make a start on that this week, not least because, according to the weather forecast, we will be looking for inside jobs.

During the rest of the afternoon I practiced my ukulele, read some Italian and enjoyed the summer house, relaxing in the knowledge that progress has been made. The plan is to strip everything out of the stables and then to load everything which won’t be required for a while back into the stables which is now wind and water tight as well as being bird-proof. This will enable us to start work on the rest of the barns, particularly the henhouse and the loom room. There is a huge amount to do but it is enormous fun.

By dinner time the promised rain had arrived – still that doesn’t affect us in the farm house. We dined excellently and then I returned to the summer house to post this diary entry. It is, I know, very early tonight but as soon as it is done I am going to retire to bed to watch Death in Paradise and fall gently asleep.


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