Sunday 19th. January, 2014 A real Sunday – and with Sunday lunch as well! 

Mum is clearly enjoying herself after Church in the hall over coffee at Gavinton

Woke to discover that it was raining hard, but that didn’t stop Mix and me from setting out on our early morning walk. Sunday’s walk is always special because there is nothing at all on the roads and we can daunder along as we wish without a care in the world. Got home in time to shower and change before breakfast and then we went off to Gavinton Church where Ann lead a service for the start of the week of prayer for Christian unity, reminding us that unity doesn’t mean that we all have to be the same (although our allegiances do). She spoke on Jesus’ prayer for his disciples and on the start of Paul’s correspondence with the Church at Corinth (as well as mentioning the letter to the Church at Colossae – one of my favourites as I can imagine Paul writing this letter with Onesimus by his side, encouraging him to stress the breakdown (in God’s eyes at least) of the division between slave and free. It was a good service and I was sorry that the inclement weather had kept some folk away (either that or the after effects of the local Burns’ Supper last night).

Back home, Digger had been off in his car to collect some manure! There is lots more on offer and we are going to try to get the little trailler into action to collect it, as well as finding an appropriate place to store it until it is ‘ready for use’ next Autumn.

We had a lovely Sunday lunch: chicken and all of the trimmings, followed by trifle. During lunch we had a chat about communications. It is no problem taking Mum places but we never know when to go and collect her. So she found her mobile phone and I put some credit on it (as well as our numbers) and I also put credit into Rachel’s phone so that now we should all be able to speak with each other, always supposing we can get a signal, of course.

Rachel and I loaded the dogs into the car and drove to near Gavinton where we went for a lovely walk in the gloaming.

The skyline near Gavinton where we walked this afternoon

It was a splendid walk – the rain had stopped and there was little on the road, a couple of dogs (with their owners), a couple of walkers (without dogs), a lady on horseback and a couple of cars. I loved this tree – Rachel and Rowan are also in the picture:

Back home, Rachel went off to Berwick to attend Evensong at the Parish Church. I would have liked to have gone as well, but as Digger was also out taking Olive to get a train – she starts work again tomorrow – I stayed to look after the dogs, both of whom came with me to the summer house where I read my book. What a wonderful life!

Rachel returned and we had some supper in the lounge. We had found the table during last week and tonight was our first meal on it. Rachel had gone to town with some smoked salmon to start, followed by antipasto Italiano, followed by penne with a Bolognaise sauce, followed by chocolate pudding. When Rachel said she had made some supper I had expected a sandwich, but it excellent and was our first proper meal in our own home after such a long time.

Rachel at our table

By the time we had eaten it was time to watch the first of a new series of Mr. Selfridge – fairly light and frothy and just right for a Sunday evening. We walked the dogs – it was very cold, everywhere was slippy but very bright and the moon was giving so much reflected light that we could see as if it was daylight. We continue to carry torches, even on nights as light these, so that an unexpected car can see us. Back to the Granary and off to bed. I have a new book on my Kindle and I’ll read for a bit in bed. Such decadence!


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