Saturday 18th. January, 2014 – A real Saturday at last! 

Mum in the room that will soon be her morning room

I’ve never had Saturdays before. For all of the years of my working life they have been the day before Sunday and a really busy day. At Luss, for the last fifteen years, they have usually been wedding days. So while other people have been having a day which is different from the working week, I have been gearing up for my special day or else engaged in weddings. In a sense my weekend started once the services were completed on Sunday and Monday was my more relaxed day – except that it wasn’t because everyone else had started work and so I had to be available as well.

Since I have retired all days have become much the same as any other (except of course for Sunday which has remained special). But this week has been different. I have had a working week. Working with Tom on Monday, Thursday and Friday. Off to Luss on Tuesday and away to Stirling on Wednesday. Today I had nothing to do and I really enjoyed it.

The day started wet and I slept in. Then I started reorganising the house, gently and enjoying it. I had promised myself that we weren’t going to empty any more boxes today. I drove Digger up to Duns to collect his motor bike which was having a tyre repaired. Rachel and I drove to Berwick where we walked the dogs along the headlands outside the town walls, past the golf course, and the tennis courts and the cricket club nets. By now it was blowing a gale but there were several people walking dogs and, we could hardly believe it, there were people on the golf course and people knocking up on the tennis courts. The wind had stirred up the sea and huge waves were breaking over the harbour wall. I was kicking myself that I didn’t have my camera with me – it was still sitting on my desktop in the summer house.

This weekend was the last weekend of the sales. We wandered around Currys (as you do at the weekend) and went into HomeBase. It was there that we saw the little stove in the picture at the head of this entry. As I described yesterday, we have started work on turning the little utility room in the farm house into a morning room. We had wondered about a log-burning stove but there just isn’t room – if we installed such a stove there would be no room for anything or anyone else. We saw this little electric stove which looks warm and friendly and which gives off quite a heat. As it was sale-time we bought the stove and installed it – and Mum approved. It was a good Saturday afternoon.

We all dined together in the farm house kitchen – it was a left-overs day. Olive had made a huge potato-cake with the ham and peas and everything ‘left over’ in it and we had baked potatoes with lots of toppings, and a stew as well. It was excellent. Then we made our way back to the Granary where we settled down to watch an old Taggart, an old Taggart with Taggart in it, not realising before we started to watch that, being an old Taggart, it lasted for three hours. Still it was warm and we were relaxed. How better to spend a Saturday evening in the middle of winter?

Finally we walked the dogs before bed. It has been a really excellent Saturday – and there is a fine Sunday to come.


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