Friday 17th. January, 2014 – What a lot we got done 

I took this picture of Tom and Dorothy’s goats when we stopped at their house to pick up the trailer

The alarm went off and I lept out of bed ready to walk Mix and start the day. I breakfasted on porridge and retired to the Granary, to the summer house, to complete the tidy-up which had started yesterday. All the rubbish was removed, the books which are not to find a place on the shelves were packed up and removed to the hen house and everything was tidied -- I even cleaned the carpet.

No sooner had I completed this than Tom arrived with the plan that the first task we ought to tackle was to fit a full-sized door on to the stable so that we could make it secure, wind and water-tight and even swallow-resistant as well. The measuring-up was done and then we set off for Pearson's where we bought the timber, the hinges and the padlock-hasp. We stopped off, on the way, to collect Tom’s trailer and while he was rooting about in his shed, I went and spoke to the goats (and, on my telephone, took the picture at the head of this entry.) We also bought a large masonry drill bit for use in the farmhouse.

Back at the farmhouse our first task was to drill through from Mum’s morning room to the boot room so that we could fit a lead for the freezer in the boot room. This needs a bit of explanation. The little utility room is being made into a morning room for Mum. It has windows which point south and east and so gets all of the morning sun but at present it houses the freezer and other domestic appliances. As part of making the conversion from utility room to morning room, we are moving the appliances to other situations. Today we moved the freezer to the boot room and the tumble drier to one of the barns. This is a work in progress and I will report on that progress.

While Tom went off for lunch, Rachel and I rescued our table from the hen house (it had surfaced once the book boxes had been emptied from the hen house) and I carried five boxes of crystal and crockery from the hen house – emptying these boxes became Rachel’s task for the rest of the day. Tom returned and soon afterwards Ann, our minister, arrived to visit. We all had tea and coffee in the Granary – Ann, Mum, Tom, Rachel, Olive and I – and afterwards Mum showed Ann the farmhouse before she and I had a chat with Ann in the summerhouse (what a good job I had tidied it up). Ann was generous with her time and after she left I did some paperwork at my desk before dinner.

Should record that Rachel had got the glass for the stove from Pearson’s this morning and so the stove was working well this afternoon. I really do feel that we are making progress – and I love my summer house.

We all dined together in the farmhouse – another excellent meal – after which Rachel and I retired to the Granary where we watched a film called The Ghost starring Ewan McGregor. It was quite unusual and really rather good. When we walked the dogs the moon was out and it was quite light. Of course, there are no street lights for miles around so it is quite different from anywhere I have ever lived before but already I feel so at home. This has been another very good day.


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