Sunday 12th. January, 2014 – It’s cold! 

Just before the sun came up on the Swinton Road

I awoke and was out on the road with Mix before the sun rose. The sky was spectacular and I took a number of pictures as we walked. I rather liked this one – we are deep in the countryside but power cables are passing overhead carrying electricity to nearby towns. The trees are bare but are none the less beautiful and the colours in the sky even on a foggy, misty morning like today are wonderful.

Mix was cold and was glad to get home! I showered and breakfasted and before long we were setting off for Gavinton Church for an Epiphany Service on the theme of Jesus’ baptism as recorded by Saint Matthew. The very significant moment which Ann concentrated on was the moment after Jesus’ baptism when ‘the heavens opened’, the Holy Spirit descended on Jesus and he heard God’s voice ‘This is my son whom I love, and with whom I am pleased’. It was this affirmation of Jesus which led to the start of his ministry and began the journey which was to lead to his death and his resurrection. It’s an affirmation which others felt too – we looked at Peter’s discovery that God has no favourites and loves all people; we were reminded that the Suffering Servant Songs in Isaiah were taken by some to refer directly to Jesus and by others to the whole servant people. We are certainly called to be a servant people, following the one affirmed by God as his son and sharing in the affirmation that each of us is loved by him. As always, I enjoyed being part of the congregation at Gavinton.

Back home, I grabbed something to eat and then worked in the summerhouse getting my new printer set up before Rachel and I took the dogs into Duns and went on one of the beautiful walks which have been created there. Rowan thought that a stream was actually firm grass (there was grass in the stream) and jumped on to it, only to discover that she had jumped into it. She got quite a surprise and it must have been very cold. She didn’t learn, as a couple of minutes later she wanted to come back to where we were and did the same thing all over again. Fortunately we were almost back at the car by this time so we towelled her down and brought her home where she soon got heated up in front of the stove.

I continued working in the summerhouse – Sundays are so wonderfully long – until it was time to join everyone else for dinner in the farmhouse. We enjoyed a lovely meal (my favourite cheese and bean pie dispelled all of my resolutions to eat less and try to lose the weight I have gained since retiring) and then retired to the Granary where we spent the evening relaxing in front of the stove and watching a bit of television. It may be cold outside but inside our little house it is very comfortable indeed.

We had intended to watch a film but when I tried to access it my application was denied. I think it is because we don’t have a telephone line attached to the Sky box, but we do have an internet connection. I will telephone tomorrow and find out what went wrong. Instead we watched an episode of New Tricks which we hadn’t seen before and I continued on to watch an episode of Miss Fisher Investigates (from Australia). The only event during the evening was when Rachel attempted to alter the settings on the stove with the poker and ended up dropping the poker which fell and smashed the glass front. No harm was done and we had plenty of heat for the whole evening but tomorrow we will need to find a replacement glass (and discover how to fit it). Country life is really rather exciting.


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