Saturday 11th. January, 2014 -- Spring Cleaning has begun 

Mix loves his new home

Slept in today and only just managed to get across to the farmhouse for breakfast at nine. Then I lingered long over breakfast and it was half-past ten before I had walked Mix and returned to the Granary – and this was to be such a hard working day. Well, in fact, it was.

Mix and I carried much stuff across to the summer house. Unfortunately for me, Mix saw his role as being a supervisory one. Having delivered a deal of bits and pieces, I then set about making order out of the chaos of the former study. By dinner time I had succeeded. Clothes had been given a home, tools had been tidied away, papers had been sorted and letters put in order to start to reply to at the start of the week.

So, all in all, a lot was achieved today but there is little to record which is why, perhaps, Rachel asks me if I really should continue to record my life on a blog. I told her I did it really for my own benefit; her response was to wonder why I put it on my web-site. It has certainly started me thinking. Initially I did it when I was working so that the people for whom I worked could know what I was doing and equally, why I was doing it. There is not the same need for that now, of course, but I know that lots of people do follow our adventures. But, says, Rachel, you don’t know who these people are, do you really want them knowing all your business? I’d never really thought about it, I suppose. Perhaps I shall.

I do know that some people were very upset to discover my blog. They had enjoyed a lovely holiday in the Granary when it was a holiday let and had decided that they would like to return here for another break. They put Mount Pleasant Granary into Google and came up with my blog through which they realised that the holiday let was no more and that it was now a private home. After good experiences for them when it was a holiday cottage, no wonder they were disappointed.

Hearing this led me to go on line and look at the web-site through which the Granary was marketed. I read through the reviews by those who had come to stay. They are incredibly good – this must have been a really wonderful holiday venue. I just hope that those who come to visit us (as guests, I hasten to add) have as good an experience. Reading the web-site also made us realise how fortunate we are to have the Granary as our home.

We dined in the farmhouse – another lovely meal and then, back in the Granary, we watched a Blue-Ray 3-D movie, the first I have ever seen. It was the Great Gatsby; the performances were superb and the effects absolutely spectacular. I don’t suppose that the overall impression is more real than traditional filming but it is certainly more spectacular. The 3-D effects add an enormous depth but it is a depth a little bit like the addition of more and more wings in a theatre set. In real life we see depth, in 3-D we see several layers, is what I think I am saying. To start with I found myself revelling in the 3-D; by the end of the film I was just revelling in the film. It was superb and I can’t wait to find both another 3-D film and also a film which is as good as this one was.

Time had flown by and it was now late. We walked the dogs – the moon is getting bigger and reflecting a lot of light on us so it really wasn’t very dark at all. It is, however, quite cold and crisp: just as it should be at the start of January.


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