Thursday 9th. January, 2014 – Success! 

Lunch time at Pearson’s

I’m writing this entry, as planned, from the summerhouse. That doesn’t mean to say that the summer house has been completed, far from it, there are still a number of tasks to complete: but I have moved in. My desk is here, my armchairs are in place and just a few books grace the bookshelves. Tom spent much of the morning fitting the window furniture while I acted as his assistant.

Having completed the task by lunchtime, Rachel, Tom and I went off to Pearson’s to buy some bits and pieces we required and while we were there we stopped for lunch. It was good: cauliflower and cheese soup, followed by macaroni and cheese with salad.

Back at the summerhouse we sorted out the door (which needed re-hung) and then installed beading to cover the electric cables which have been put in. We also now have both telephone and an internet connection. So we are ready to go. As the afternoon wore on and our tasks had been completed, Tom returned home to feed the goats and check on the chickens. I went into the barns and found a little table which is just right for the corner of the summerhouse. By tomorrow it will have the coffee machine Rachel bought me sitting on it and we will have advanced another step towards civilization. I spent the rest of the afternoon (and into the evening) installing the computer and now you are seeing the results. I can communicate again.

I dined with Olive, Digger and Mum in the farmhouse (this too was excellent -- sausage and potato wedges followed by winter fruit crumble with custard and ice cream); Rachel missed out as she had gone off to Berwick with Bridget (a lady from Gavinton) to join a choir who are, if I have got this right, going to sing the Chichester Psalms. Rachel enjoyed her evening and is already missing the Festival Chorus of which she was a member for very many years. She made up for missing supper with two baked potatoes and a panettone for desert. I had spent the evening starting on reorganising the study in the granary (which will soon not be the study). It will be a long job. Then I came back over to the summerhouse to prepare this entry before walking Mix around the estate and retiring to bed. There is much to do and, even in retirement, the days are too short! Now who would have thought that. I haven’t a clue what is on the agenda for tomorrow but it will be fun.


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