Wednesday 8th. January, 2014 – Rolling along 

We gathered around the farm table for an early tea this evening

Woke early and went out with the dog. After two weeks when there has been no traffic at all on the roads, things are now quite busy between 8.30 and a quarter to nine: I suppose that it is people driving into Duns for work or for school. Discovered today that quite soon all traffic down the Duns road will stop for eight weeks because repair work is to be carried out on the bridge over the river Blackadder. We will have to find alternative ways of getting to Duns and to Gavinton. We’ll do some experimenting this week so that we are prepared.

I was just finishing breakfast when Tom arrived and we spent a chunk of the day fitting the catches and so on (it’s called window furniture, I’m told) to the summer house windows. There are so many windows that there will be more to do later in the week but we stopped at lunchtime because Tom was taking Dorothy into Berwick to catch a train to visit her folks.

I started work in one of the barns, identifying boxes with books in them and taking them to the summer house and putting the books on the shelves. This is going to be a really long job as I am trying to sort them all out as I go, but once it is done it will be superb. Carried on by torchlight once it got dark and then found a table to bring up to my study so that I can clear the desk before taking it out to the summerhouse tomorrow. It was tiring stuff and I was ready for our early tea at the farmhouse. Tomato and coriander soup, followed by fishcakes (with Thai chilli sauce) and then apple strudel with custard (and ice cream for those who wanted it – Digger and me).

After tea I ran Mum into Duns to attend the Duns Church Guild – it was her second trip of the day as earlier she had been to the local reading group at the Duns Library. Mum’s good news is that she has sold her flat in Kirkcaldy so that everything that we set out to do in terms of moving here has now been achieved.

Back in the Granary I started work on dismantling the study. Heavens, I’ve only been here for a couple of months, how can it be such a big job? And why is it that everything today has wires attached? After I post this entry I shall be disconnecting my computer. I hope that it will be working again by tomorrow – I have taken the precaution of doing the music for Arrochar this evening and sending it off already. But with a bit of luck I will be operational by tomorrow night.

Once all that was done, and feeling as if it has been a very long day, I walked Mix before bed. He has become such a very good dog, happily sitting for hours while I sorted out books; equally happily making the most of it as I dismantled the study around him and as I write, lying sound asleep on his cushion under the table I have brought in to store everything that was on my desk. If only the Dog’s Trust could see him now.


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