Tuesday 7th, January, 2014 – Life resumes after a wonderful Christmas holiday 

Relaxing in a fully carpeted summerhouse

The title of this entry is, I suppose, accurate, except for the fact that now I seem to be on holiday for always. Certainly it feels like holiday and, not only that, but a really good holiday as well.

Today the task was to turn the summer house from a project into a building which could be used. We met at nine – by that time I had walked Mix and declined breakfast on the basis that I seem to have put on a stone and a half since retiring. By the middle of the afternoon we had laid a carpet with underfelt and a lovely chocolate top covering and we had installed the bookcases and fitted them to the walls and to each other. We had found two armchairs in the barns, excavated for a small octagonal table and also located the small library steps which were part of my study at Wemyss. Rachel did a great job of restoring the furniture and just as darkness was falling I was able to get a picture of Tom and Rachel sitting in the summer house with a carpet on the floor (and a glimpse of bookcases behind). Rachel is clutching triumphantly the carpet fitting tool which I bought off the internet last week and which proved to be a wonderful addition to our collection of tools. It really made stretching the carpet so much easier than would otherwise have been possible. So if you know of someone who needs a carpet fitted, I know of a team who could do it for you!

As darkness fell I came back into the Granary and showered before spending some time on my Italian revision and some in learning to play my Christmas ukulele. We all dined together in the farmhouse: fish-pie with broccoli, followed by apple pie with custard and ice cream. Very Yummy.

Back in the Granary I spent a bit more time with my ukulele before joining Rachel to watch Murder at 1600, an American thriller, filmed in 1997, which was really rather good. We walked the dogs – it is fair, not too much wind and just a small moon meaning that the night sky was really quite dark. It has been a fabulous day.


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