Thursday 14th. November, 2014 – First Phase completed! 

Bramble Avenue in the autumn sunshine

While the rest of the country seems to be suffering from rain, storms and high winds, here it is beautiful. I got up and walked Mix along Bramble Avenue – the sun is so low in the sky that it is very picturesque: sunshine, shadows and beautiful autumn colours.

Back home, I breakfasted and then worked all day in the study and by dinner time I had completed all of the boxes with ‘things’ in them for the study – as distinct to clothes, for this is my ‘dressing room’ as well. Tomorrow I will start on unpacking clothes but I feel that I have achieved a great deal. (I also spent a while in the farmhouse retuning Mum’s TV which lost the ability to receive ITV last night. All is now returned to normal.)

Realised that I have stopped carrying my mobile phone around with me – and I don’t seem to have the same need to check for emails every day. Well I do have a telephone landline and the post is delivered every day. I really must be unwinding!

Dinner was good. Olive is back from teaching so we were all around the farmhouse table this evening: Olive, Digger, Mum, Rachel and me. Afterwards Rachel and I watched an old ‘New Tricks’ before I walked Mix (his third walk of the day) and came up to bed. I’m raring to get at those clothes boxes tomorrow – and in the evening we are going back to Berwick to attend the theatre: the studio theatre this time, rather than the auditorium, but we are going to have a pre-performance meal at the theatre to try that out as well.


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