Tuesday 8th. October, 2013 -- Setting off for Bristol 

Rachel seeing me off at Berwick Station

After walking the dog and showering, I set off for Berwick Station for a five hour train journey to Bristol. I had never been to Bristol so it was all quite exciting. The train took me through Newcastle, Durham, York, Leeds, Birmingham and Cheltenham and I arrived at Bristol in the mid afternoon. The train run by Cross Country was, I overheard one gentleman remark to his wife, ‘a superior one’. Well, it was certainly very comfortable. I had a booked seat and it was waiting for me on my embarkation. I noticed that many folk got on to the train and didn’t look at all to see if the seat they sat on was booked or not. Other people examined the signage in great detail to make sure that they were doing what was correct. The folk who didn’t bother were often the ones who then got quite annoyed when the rightful ‘owner’ of the seat arrived!

At the station in Bristol I was met by David, a friend from University days at St. Andrews.

The Station at Bristol Temple Meads

The name of the station comes from the Church of the Knights Templar – mead is a word for fields. David drove me to his home.

We drove under the Brunel Bridge ...

... and saw the ‘new’ cut which was dug by prisoners of war during the Napoleonic war. The tide was obviously right out! (These photos were grabbed through the window of David’s car and I know they leave a little to be desired as photographs.)

I was welcomed to David and Diana’s home and, after something to eat and a walk around the area to get my bearings, we set off for the evening meeting of the Bristol Anglo-Italian Circle held in the British Aerospace Workers Association building. I enjoyed meeting all of the members and spoke (and showed pictures) of my time in Genoa as minister between the years of 1971 and 1976. Back home at David’s, we dined and then I retired to bed in a lovely room in their three-floored terrace house. It had been another good day.


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