Thursday 25th. March, 2021 

This was a busy day which didn't quite work out as expected. We walked the dogs and at this point I expected to get down to preparing online Holy Week services but the phone rang and rang. John brought back the Church accounts, all suitably inspected and in order, and then I shared in a Zoom minister's meeting where we talked about a possible Elders' Sunday on 25th. April when elders will be invited to lead all our services throughout the presbytery. It will make a great story in the local papers and perhaps even in Life and Work where it will help to provide some advertising for the new post our presbytery will be advertising about the same time -- a minister to support congregations without ministers of their own to provide their own weekly worship.

At this point our new Sky+HD box arrived. (Our previous one died.) Unfortunately the new one didn't work as it should so I had several telephone calls with the company before having to parcel it up and drive it to Duns to send it back to the distributor,

Finally I got down to service preparation and I worked through until dinner thinking about Monday in Holy Week and the cleansing of the Temple by Jesus. Dinner was a Chinese take-away which I enjoyed. Rachel and I relaxed in front of the television this evening -- we can still operate it through the wonders of I-player; and soon it was time for bed.

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