Saturday 28th. February, 2015 – An Ordinary Saturday but with much to do. 

Rachel spent much of today in the Stables, not kilt-making or weaving, but working with her glass. Here she is grinding a piece of glass to size before fitting it into her latest creation

I got up and walked Mix. He seemed pleased that I was home and, even although it was very cold, he enjoyed his walk. Having been for a walk I settled into the Bothy. First of all I gave the new (second-hand) organ a thorough going over. It is perfect, exactly what I wanted and I am delighted.

Then I started getting things in order for the presbytery meeting on Tuesday. There is always a lot to do to ensure that everything runs smoothly and I was glad to have got a lot of it done by the end of the working day (working day? It’s Saturday and I’m retired.)

We all dined together in the farmhouse and then Rachel and I continued our Saturday night tradition of watching the old episodes of Foyle’s War. They are so well done and beautifully written.

I walked Mix and then settled down to watch England playing Sri Lanka in the world cup. I stayed up for the whole of the English innings – we reached 309 but it was a stodgy affair until the final overs and I didn’t go to bed confident.

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