Tuesday 14th. October, 2014 --- Mix in control 

This afternoon David set about changing the spark plugs in Digger’s new car. Digger came along to watch. Mix wasn’t sure that David actually knew what he was doing so he went along to supervise as well. My picture catches Mix looking carefully at what David is doing to ensure that no mistake has been made

Not quite convinced that David had done it correctly Mix climbed into the engine to inspect things from a closer range. Having decided that David’s work is up to scratch Mix jumps from the car to assure Digger that he can safely drive his car again. You can see that Digger is anxiously awaiting Mix's verdict. We are fortunate to have such a knowledgeable dog

Up and walked Mix before breakfast. Tom and David arrived soon afterwards but Tom was clearly still hurting from his exertions with the concrete and so we sent him home to recuperate. David set about dismantling Olivebank’s trailer so that it can be made roadworthy once more. I retired to the summer house and prepared the music for Arrochar. Mum went off to Berwick for her Tai Chi class. Digger started work on constructing the door for his dome.

David spent most of today underneath Olivebank getting to know this wheel assembly extremely well

David had to go to Berwick at lunchtime. He returned in time to complete his dismantling of one of Olivebank’s wheel assemblies and make plans on how to rebuild the trailer. I searched the internet in order to find some of the items which will be required for the restoration of the boat itself. David also replaced the sparkplugs in Digger’s car.

While all of this was going on, Ian, Paul, Tommy and Andrew completed their job of repairing the flat roof on the farmhouse – In fact, they worked on late and had the whole task completed just before seven.

By this time David had gone off to the Morris dancing (he is part of the band) and we had all dined in the farmhouse – Olive had been experimenting and we ate extremely well. (Squash soup with curry flavouring, Irish fish pie, meringue, raspberry puree, cream and ice cream.)

Rachel and I watched last night’s episode of New Tricks – it was good. After the News I walked Mix and got off to bed.

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