Saturday 1st. November, 2014 – Talking with Andrew 

As usual, Olive had prepared a splendid meal for us all and, because we had two guests – Andrew who was visiting me, and David who was visiting Digger – we ate in the dining room. Olive had prepared a splendid cherry tart which required a real team effort to serve, as the picture above makes clear

Everyone is welcome at meals in the farmhouse. This beautiful butterfly descended on a plate and was happier than many to pose for a picture before flying off

Rose and after walking Mix breakfasted in the farmhouse with Andrew. After breakfast I showed Andrew around our new home including the projects in which we are involved. We went up to Pearsons for a snack at lunchtime – I am becoming a real regular there – and then we came back to the Granary and blethered. We talked about school friends, about all that we had done in the intervening years, about our present view of the world and so on, and so on.

Later we joined everyone else (including Digger’s friend from early years, David from Kirkcaldy) for dinner. After dining I drove Digger and David into Duns so that they could conduct their conversations over a mini pub crawl! Rachel, Andrew and I turned our own talk in the Granary to computers. Andrew has strong views about speeding up computers by adjusting their registers and over the next couple of days he spent time looking at both my and Rachel’s computers. Mine is certainly operating much more quickly and, as far as I can tell, is still in one piece.

Digger telephoned to say that the one Duns taxi was unavailable so I went and collected David and Digger from Duns before chatting away the rest of the night with Andrew before bed.


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