Sunday 7th. September, 2014 – We go to Church – twice – and have dinner with a friend 

This is the picture I promised to post on the 4th. of September: the view of the rear of the Granary with the grass cut! It looks just as it did a year ago except for the apple tree in the foreground and the Summer House in the background. I think that is a duvet which Rachel has placed on the chair in front of the back door

Up and walked Mix – he continues to improve, just a small cough this morning and he is also much happier. I have some breakfast in the farmhouse and then drive with Mum and Rachel to Gavinton Church for morning worship. We read the story of the Passover but during the address, Ann concentrated on her reflections of her first visit to the Guild Rally yesterday. She enjoyed the Moderator’s offering about the difference between doing and being and also felt that this tied in well with the following speaker’s thoughts (she came from the West Indies, I gather, but had run over her time somewhat). After lunch there was a contribution on art and faith – in which I also gathered that the concept was perhaps more inspiring than the content.

After the service we joined the congregation for coffee and chat before returning home for lunch with the family and with Veronica and Peter (who left for home shortly afterwards). I spent the afternoon sorting out the summer house – as it is used as our howff during the week it gets very untidy quite quickly. I also watched the T20 international as I worked. (A Rare T20 victory for England over India.)

Rachel and I then drove into Berwick to attend Evensong with Holy Communion. There was no sermon but it was a pleasant service although I was surprised how few people were present. Afterwards we went home with Jamie, the son of one of my university friends, and enjoyed supper at his flat. Jamie is about to set off for Russia and spent a bit of time telling us about his plans and about his love of that country.

We came back home in time to catch the news before walking the dogs and getting off to bed after a busy and a thoroughly enjoyable day.


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