Monday 25th. August, 2014 – A busy day at Mount Pleasant 

Well, there was certainly room for improvement but what a lot we have done today and how tidy the courtyard looks after just one day’s work on it. This is only Monday – wait until the end of the week and see the improvements by then

Got up at seven so that I could have everything ready for a skip to be delivered just after eight. In fact I was r6eady for the skip, with wood moved and the gates to the cross roads opened by quarter to eight and it was as well that I was because the skip was delivered at ten to eight.

I closed up the gates (it is quite an exercise) and then took Mix for a walk before having breakfast this morning at the Granary. Soon afterwards David arrived and then Rachel returned from walking Rowan, bringing with her gloves to start moving the rubble and packing it into the skip. David, Tom and I set about it with a vengeance and by mid morning the skip was full and the yard was clear (although there is still work to be done). We broke for a well-earned coffee and when we returned from the summer house (which serves by far the best coffee in the Mount Pleasant complex) Rachel had done a further tidy-up and things were looking really good.

While David continued his work with electrical cables, I assisted Tom complete the final section of the roofing felt on the Bothy roof. Soon it was lunch time: Tom set off for home and David went off to Berwick to attend a special reception. I had a pizza and by the time I had eaten it, Tom was back. We completed the roofing of the Bothy and had time for another well-earned coffee before Tom went home – by this time the skip had been uplifted and everything was looking great. I retired to the summer house with Mix and was disappointed to see that the first One Day International had been rained off at Bristol.

In the evening we went into Berwick with Mum and Cathy to have a meal at Foxton’s Wine Bar and Restaurant, part of the ongoing celebrations of the sale of Mum’s house in Kirkcaldy. We met up with Olive and Digger who had been in Edinburgh today to attend Katie’s show at the Fringe. Of course, they had enjoyed it. The meal was absolutely superb and we all enjoyed it enormously. I started with a smoked salmon on a bed of beetroot starter, followed it with haddock and chips and rounded it all off with a berry, cream and meringue desert. It was one of the truly great meals and beautifully served and presented.

Back home I caught up with the referendum debate before walking Mix and going to bed. It has been a great day in every way – even the sun has been shining.

Waving good-bye to all our rubbish – Cathy, Rachel and Tom watch as the skip leaves Mount Pleasant through our gates onto the crossroads

Tom applies the last of the roofing nails to the roofing felt – tomorrow we will start on the barge boards. We are making progress

This little nest is just under the entrance to the Bothy. It seems quite late for a nest such as this but the birds are delighted with it and it won’t be in our way until long after they will have left for sunnier shores


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