Sunday 17th. August, 2014 – A relaxing Sunday with a Test Match to enjoy 

When we arrived at Church there were already quite a number of cars parked along the lane, so by the time we had parked it was quicker for us to walk in through the back gate. As a result I noticed this view of the Church which had previously passed me by. I only had my telephone with which to take a picture and the sun was shining brightly so it was difficult to get a good picture but still I like it – and it is a lovely church in a well-cared for church yard

Up, showered, walked Mix and breakfasted in the farmhouse before setting off for Gavinton Church with Mum and Rachel. Anne presented a couple of meditations this morning – one wrapped up inside the other. The first (and enveloping one) was on the theme of day with one part on morning and the other on evening. Inside was the second theme on the days of the week – each introduced with a Bible reading and a short meditation. I suppose the overarching theme was of thanks to God for his goodness and appropriate response to his providence and to the gift of his son.

We joined everyone for coffee in the hall and then hurried home for an early lunch with Olive, Digger and their friends from Germany who set off immediately afterwards to catch a ferry from Newcastle to Amsterdam from where they will drive to Germany. Olive and Digger have enjoyed having their friends and their two children to stay. We have enjoyed meeting them too – even although we are quite useless when it comes to knowledge of the German language: in fact five year old Amilie had a better grasp of English than I did of German – and the gap only widened over the two weeks of her holiday.

After they left I set about tidying the summer house which has taken a beating over the construction times of recent weeks. However I did have the cricket on and wondered at the way that India surrendered to England in the Test match. It is almost as if ever since the Anderson debacle (India accused him of being aggressive off the pitch. He was found not guilty by a cricket investigation) the Indian team has been demoralised. I hope that they will do better in the one day series which will start shortly. I also hope that Durham will do a little better in the days ahead. In their match with Lancashire they have surrendered the upper-hand to Lancashire for the second time in the match.

Rachel went off to Evensong while I continued to work away in the summer house, getting quite side-tracked as I discovered that I could convert my ipad into a recording studio using the microphone and adaptor I had bought last week from Amazon. It sounds very good and perhaps I will start to produce a podcast. (I have these great ideas but then get beaten by all that I have to do – even although I am retired!)

When Rachel returned from Berwick we had a snack together and then watched a bit of television (Murder in Paradise and a hilarious but rather rude spoof detective programme starring John Hannah) before it was time to walk the dogs and go to bed.


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