Friday 25th. July, 2014 – More of the same 

For much of the day (and what a glorious day it was) we were working in the garden around the summer house and all day long this little fellow sat in the gutter of the Hen House and watched what we were doing – often singing, sometimes flying around and coming back again, always extremely interested

Up and walked Mix before breakfast. Tom arrived and then David and soon we were at work getting power into the Loom Room in preparation for an event which we are to hold in August. David is an expert and Tom and I were his assistants – Tom was David’s assistant and I was Tom’s assistant (I know my place in the chain of importance). To carry power to the other side of the driveway a scaffolding pole was utilised and into it armoured cable was fitted. Soon we will have the capacity to have electrical services in all of the barns – of course, we will need to restore them first, but at least we shall be ready!

David and Tom spent a fair bit of today up ladders as they fitted armour-plated cables from the Hen House along the walls of the barns. It was a good job well done

Meanwhile Rachel cut the grass in the Granary garden, Digger and Olive worked in their main garden – grass was being cut in every direction possible. Digger also took his motor bike to be MOT tested – it passed. Mum was in the garden for a while but retreated into the house in the face of excessive heat – it was a superlative day.

The main lawn beside the farmhouse. It looks superb after being cut this afternoon. It would look good with a croquet set on it, or perhaps a marquee

Tom, David and I dined at Pearsons and worked through until the end of the afternoon. I managed to reset Rachel’s ipad, she was distraught when it seemed to go down but once we reset it, it quickly gathered all of her information from the ‘cloud’ and is now as good as new.

Just before dinner Tom arrived bearing eggs -- a gift from his hens -- we sat and enjoyed a coffee and a blether before he went home.

We dined in the farmhouse and then Digger and I collected a bed from the barn and moved it into the farmhouse where it will be required for visitors quite soon. Then Rachel and I watched an old Inspector Gently. It was excellent. It is good to report, too, that Scotland had another good day at the Games and that Durham had a very good win in their final T20 match of the season. They won't advance in this competition, but at least they went out on a high.

Finally I walked Mix and retired to bed. It has been a thoroughly good day.

Digger returns from having his bike tested, with Rachel riding behind as out-rider in her Berlingo


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